Recycling Toys During Eid Celebrations

A staggering amount of 6,000 toys were received, sorted and packed by young volunteers from Jeddah communities

Naqaa Solutions is very proud of one of its social responsibility projects that resembles the
values of the circular economy the company stands for and was established for.
The company organized a similar campaign in Ramadan 2019 and had a blasting social and
environmental impact.

This year’s campaign lasted 10 days during Ramadan 2023 in Jeddah city in collaboration with
Al Mohmadiya community center and Hefz Alnema (Istidama) NGO.

A staggering amount of 6,000 toys were received, sorted and packed by young volunteers from
Jeddah communities. The volunteers’ help was crucial to this campaign as they helped play a
big role in the proper functioning of this drive. The Eid gifts were arranged to be shared with
some charity organizations and orphans organizations as well with kids in some underprivileged
communities in Jeddah and Makkah.

This was the 2nd round of this campaign that Naqaa had organized, the first one was organized
in 2019.This year the campaign had a bigger impact in terms of the number of the toys donated
and beneficiaries and volunteers. This goes to show that the community is willing to play an
active and important role in the recycling sector plus the added benefit of donating in Ramadan.
The Eid toys donations fall under Naqaa vision for promoting recycling in the Saudi Arabian
community. Sharing old toys instead of throwing brings joy to another kid that shows we can
encourage the circularity practices.

A very generous donation was received via Nestle Saudi Arabia where they were bountiful to
sponsor the eid chocolate that was also distributed with the toys as Nestle sustainability goal is
supporting community initiative and sustainable initiative that target the community’s wellbeing.

Overall, the toy drive was a mega success and to see the beautiful smiles of the children is the
the biggest reward for team Naqaa.

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