Ramadan Nights in Al Balad: Discover the Magic of Jeddah’s Historic District

In the historic district of Al-Balad in Jeddah, Ramadan takes on an extra layer of celebration with a program of evening cultural and entertainment activities organized by the Saudi Ministry of Culture under the banner of Ramadan Season.

Visitors entering Bab Al-Balad are welcomed with traditional Saudi coffee, setting the tone for a festive evening. The district is divided into special zones offering a range of activities for all ages and interests.

In the Mirkaz area, festivalgoers can try their hand at arts and crafts, play games, or sample gourmet food. The Sardek zone features a Ramadan tent, a cinema of the past, roaming characters, and a puppet theater. The market offers a variety of products, including perfumes, pickles, tailor-made clothing, and accessories. Visitors can watch popular Ramadan TV shows and games in the outdoor seating area. Live cooking shows and Qur’an recitation contests add to the festive atmosphere. But Ramadan is not just about entertainment but also a time for spiritual reflection and devotion. Visitors can listen to a Musaharati, who walks around the neighborhood beating a drum and chanting poetry to wake people for sahoor. Men in traditional costumes can be seen dancing to traditional songs at various intervals.

In Hazzazi Square, located in Rubat Al-Khunji Al-Saghir, Hakawati or storytellers can narrate old Ramadan tales. The area also offers a range of activities, including making accessories, learning about the area’s history through stories, solving riddles, playing traditional games, hunting for Ramadan treasure, and listening to poetry.

Ramadan is a time of family, community, and spirituality, and the celebrations in Balad, Jeddah, reflect this sentiment. The cultural and entertainment activities program is a testament to the Saudi Ministry of Culture’s commitment to preserving and promoting the country’s rich cultural heritage.

As the sun sets over Al-Balad, the narrow alleys come alive with light and laughter. The Ramadan Season in Balad, Jeddah, is an experience not to be missed, a celebration of culture, entertainment, and spirituality that captures the essence of the holy month.

For a visual taste of the street food and festive atmosphere in AlBalad during Ramadan, see our AlBalad image gallery below.

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