Ramadan Hits Home At Assila Hotel

Experience the taste of authenticity and the spirit of the season.

Home is where the heart is, and the fastest way to anyone’s heart, honestly, is through their stomachs. Homemade food brings families together, is comforting, and floods us with nostalgic memories of people and places. There’s no better time to savor homemade food than Ramadan for the obvious reasons. It’s the epitome of spiritual introspection, unity, mending relationships, patience, charity, and celebratory feasts.

The minute you set foot into Assila Hotel you feel at home. The hospitality is outstanding and the contemporary classic decor is utterly captivating and relatable. The hotel showcases around 2,000 works of art by Saudi talents. It’s no different behind their kitchens’ swinging doors, where more than 35 Saudi chefs can be seen diligently pouring their hearts out into whipping up local favorites. When asked what makes the cuisine at Assila Hotel stand out amidst competition, chef Amal Salamah stated that it’s the Chefs’ skill set, quality ingredients, and the careful combination of spices that deliver the authentic taste of home. “Cumin, coriander, and cinnamon claim the throne when it comes to Saudi food”, she added.img_20190404_152253-copy

Chef Amal has been cooking for more than 20 years and her eldest encouraged her to pursue cooking as a profession. “The ladies of Madinah are famous for being terrific cooks and I learned a great deal from my aunts”, she remarked with a giggle. She hopes to one day see that the Saudi cuisine be adopted by hotel restaurants around the world, and she aspires to continue to create contemporary Saudi dishes that match international standards of culinary distinction.

This Ramadan, head for a homey iftar in Assila ballroom with family and friends to indulge in local dishes perfected by local expertise. Maybe even treat yourself and your loved ones to a fulfilling Suhoor after taraweeh prayers at Aubergine restaurant (a la carte) or Twenty Four restaurant (buffet).

Chef Hassan Gashgary, who has been supervising Ramadan’s food operations since 2017 at the hotel, tells us that everything is prepared from scratch, and all ingredients are fresh. The Hijazi theme has gained wide acceptance in previous years and the atmosphere has always been lively and heartwarming. Chef Hassan had trained in Australia and worked for several restaurateurs for 8 years after realising that cooking was his true passion.

Assila Hotel, your destination for hearty and satisfying Saudi meals this Ramadan. Welcome home, and from our family to yours we wish you a blessed Holy Month.

Location: Assila Hotel, Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St, Al Andalus
Web: assilahotel.com.sa
Instagram: assilahotel

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