Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Quick Summer Escapes

Quick Summer Escapes

From a cool breeze to a cultural trip.

Summers are often marked with beach excursions and seeking out crystal clear waters.  If you want to switch it up, we’ve put together some quick trips and highland cities so you can choose the right holiday fanfare for you.




The City of Roses
Known for its vibrant and fragrant roses, Taif grows its beautiful flowers surrounding the wadi and mountains, creating a scenic landscape. Taif’s cool weather maintains soil fertile to produce Saudi’s best apricots, figs, peaches, pomegranates, and more.


ne8a7863-2→ Al Wahba Crater
Al Wahba Crater is a volcanic crater located on the western edge of Harrat Kishb, which comprises many volcanic cones creating a view so uniquely drawn.


hada-mountain→ Al Hada Mountain
On the way, you will pass by Al Hada road which is ambushed by fruit sellers. KSA’s longest cable car resides in the mountain showcasing remarkable views.


dsc01990→ Saiysad National Park
With this park, you will encounter the country’s authentic culture with the ancient Arabic calligraphy, mud buildings, and scenic lake.


dst_1378111_1964089_202007252033284073→ Shubra Castle
The castle displays a blend of Islamic and Roman heritage with its Hijaz architecture. Islamic architecture is portrayed by its arches, doors, and columns.


Escape the summer heat, with its temperature reaching 23.2°C.


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Westin Chalet
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Mob: +966-504423715



Quick Summer Escapes


A Taste of Tropical Saudi
Jizan is known for producing tropical fruits, including mango, figs, and papaya. As such, it’s no surprise that the port city is host to various megaprojects turning the province into a significant fruit production hub.


Quick Summer Escapes

→ Wadi Lajab
The green oasis beams with life as monkeys, birds, vibrant fish, and a canyon approximately 30 km long, creating an oasis with a unique aesthetic.


Quick Summer Escapes→ Qayyar Village
The village was first established as a resort for families to enjoy. However, the residents took another direction by building their own homes.


Quick Summer Escapes→ Fayfa Mountain
The mountain is known for its jewel-like sparkling skies. Its mountain peak reaches 2,600 meters displaying lush and scenic mountains.


new_ancient-history-of-farasan-islands_gallery_1→ Farasan Islands
The Farasan Islands are among the largest islands in the Red Sea. The Farasan Islands host different small coral islands near the coast of Jizan.


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Western Chalet
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Quick Summer Escapes


When nature met culture
Located at the edge of the Red Sea coast, this city is the capital of the Aseer region. It is admired for its cultural-rich exploration destinations set upon a mountain range. Abha has a wealth of delights
to explore.

places to see


40625717992_8cbf7dd165_b-1→ Abha Dam
The 300-meter-long Abha Dam envelopes the turquoise blue water with the surrounding greenery creating a painting-like scenic atmosphere and views.


al-basta-district-2→ Al Basta District
The archaeological district features ancient castles, bridges, buildings, and traditionally local shops offering designated relics and spices.


abha-dam-1→ Al Soudah
This mountainous area is located 3,015 meters above sea level. It is famous for its unmissable panorama views and the dense Juniper trees that beautifully cover the mountain.


shamsan-ottoman-castle-1→ Shamsan Ottoman Castle
Shamsan Ottoman Castle, built in the 12th century, was discovered to house ancient tombstones and building foundations resided. It is now built on the foundation.


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Chalets Village Plaza
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Quick Summer Escapes


Olive County
The province of Al Jouf is famous for the cultivation of olive trees and is considered Saudi Arabia’s hub for olive oil making. It is also home to the cultivation of palm trees. A province in Saudi Arabia that contains an international border with Jordan.


Quick Summer Escapes→ Rajajel Columns
Said to be 6,000 years old, Rajajel Column is an archaeological site of pillars carved from sandstones that comprise 50 groups.


Quick Summer Escapes→ Zaabal Castle
Zaabal Castle dates back centuries. On the tip of the well, Zaabal castle is located on the highest viewpoint creating unmeasurable 360 views.


Quick Summer Escapes→ Lake Duma Al Jandal
This lake is a renowned destination in Al Jouf, displaying clear waters and a reviving aura. Surrounding the lake resides a park with paths and restaurants.


Quick Summer Escapes→ Al Khanafah Wildlife Sanctuary
This wildlife sanctuary was established in 1987, covering a space of 19,368.52 km squared. Managed by the Saudi wildlife authority, you are set to encounter various wildlife animals.


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Chalet Layan
Location: Almatr, Sakaka
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Jabal As Samra'
Jabal As Samra’


Land of the giving
Hail is well-known for the generosity of its people, with a population of 605,930. It is also significant for its extensive agriculture of grains, dates, and the production of fruits.

→ Aarif Fort
Aarif Fort is located in the heart of Hail, portraying the mesmerizing view from the mountain’s peak.

→ Aja and Salma Cafe and Museum
The cafe and museum are remarkable tourist attractions in Hail. It portrays history through the displays of archaeological and heritage pieces.

→ Jabal As Samra’
Located in the northwest of Jabal Al Zawiyah, Jabal As Samra’ is a mountain with an elevation of 1199 meters featuring mesmerizing panoramic views of the city.

Hail is home to Hatim al-Tai, a famous Arab poet and one of the characters of The One Thousand and One Nights.

→ Qishlah Palace
The palace is located in the center of the city of Hail, dating back to the 1940s with the weapons deportation.

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Western Chalet
Location: Alkhuraymi Dist.
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Renowned as the city of dates, Buraidah represents the biggest date festival in the world offering 30+ kinds of dates. Located in the region of Al Qassim in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, It is estimated that Buraidah is home to more than 100,000 date palm trees.

Buraidah resides between the Red Sea coast to the west and the Gulf to the east.

cdn-uc-assets-prezly-copy→ Buraidah Museum
Renowned as the city of dates, the city represents the biggest date festival in the world, offering 30+ kinds of dates. It is estimated that Buraidah is home to more than 100,000 date palms.


screen-shot-2022-08-24-at-11-14-26-am-copy→ Talents Garden Protected Bird
The garden covers an area of 7,000 square meters featuring more than 700 vibrant birds from different species.


b-zvsvbcmaagalt→ King Abdullah National Park
The park occupies approximately 50,000 square meters of green space filled with fountains, waterfalls, picnic spots, and much more.


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Aroma Villa
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