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Quick Summer Cooldowns

Quick Summer Cooldowns

By Alia Alansari and Sahrish Ali

Fun family bonding recipes.

We tried and tested these quick summery foods that you can make and enjoy with your family.

Banana Chocolate Pops

With children, the key to having them eat healthier is to get a little more creative. There is no easier way of jazzing up fruit than by adding a little chocolate. Use 70 percent cocoa to keep the sugar content down. Simply, skewer frozen bananas and dip them into whatever melted chocolate you like, and add sprinkles or nuts before the chocolate sets.

Tip: Always have peeled bananas in the freezer for smoothies or quick snacks.

Fresh Fruit PopsiclesSummer-Cool-Downs-4

During the warm months, enjoy these popsicles made with coconut water or lemonade and fresh organic fruit. To sustain freshness of fruit, freeze them, or better yet keep the fruit popsicles in a mold prior to filling them with water or juice. If you have a set of popsicles frozen at all times, you can treat your children whenever you want.

Apple and Peanut Butter SnailsSummer-Cool-Downs-5

The eyes eat before the mouth, so why not play with kids’ creative imagination with a treat shaped like a snack? You will have the protein from the pure peanut butter, and the vitamins form the celery and apples, which are extremely nutritious and fun to make. Simply, fill celery with the butter and add half-circle cut apples, then go crazy making the snails features.

Sand PuddingSummer-Cool-Downs-7

Nothing screams summer like a seaside retreat; give your children pods of their reimagined summer holiday, which can be simply made without fuss. Start with blitzing your favorite biscuits in the food processor, and layer them alternatively with pudding.

Tip: Blitz Oreos for volcanic seashore.

Strawberry Yogurt BarkSummer-Cool-Downs-2

It’s kind of fun to trick your children into thinking they’re eating something unhealthy; when in reality they’re getting decent nutrition. Fill a lined baking sheet with a thin layer of your preferred yogurt with cinnamon and honey for taste, and top it with dried strawberries or whatever toppings. Freeze for a few hours, we recommend eight hours, and break into chunks and serve while frozen.


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