Quick Recipes For The Busy Jeddahwi

By Abeer Ajlani

With the perils of a stressful workload, daily battles through traffic and numerous household chores that never seem to end, time is one thing the busy Jeddahwis struggle to find.

Here at DJ we decided to help the busy Jeddahwis by preparing this list of quick and easy to make recipes. So even with little time on their hands, they still get to eat delicious home made food.

Choco Almond Butter

• 1 cup almond butter
• 1 cup low-fat Greek yogurt
• ½ cup of honey
• ½ melted milk (or dark) chocolate

Blend it all in a blender and spread it on anything you want!


Cookie Balls

Photo Credit: fiverealmoms.com

Photo Credit: fiverealmoms.com

• 1 cup cashews
• ½ cup oats
• 3 tablespoons honey
• 2 tablespoon maple syrup
• Dark chocolate (or Hershey’s chocolate)

Mix all the ingredients (except the chocolate) in a blender and make cookie balls. You can either melt the dark chocolate and dip the balls half way and let them cool off or you can create a realistic looking “Cookie” by just pressing in Hershey’s little chocolate chips.

Nutritional Facts:
Per cookie ball
Calories: 100


No Bake Brownies

Photo Credit: tearaway.co.nz

Photo Credit: tearaway.co.nz

• 1 cup walnuts
• 1 cup almonds
• 1 cup coco powder
• 1 ½ cup dates (pitted)
• ½ tablespoon salt
• 1 tablespoon coconut oil

Mix all ingredients in a blender and place mixed ingredients on non-stick cooking paper. Cool it in the fridge for one hour and cut into squares, voila. Guilt free brownies.

Nutritional Facts:
Calories Per brownie: 200


Healthy Chicken Quesadilla

Photo Credit: taste.com.au

Photo Credit: taste.com.au

• Chicken breast
• Fresh vegetables (corn, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, green pepper, red onion, jalapeno, etc.)
• Shredded mozzarella
• Whole-wheat tortillas

Cut the chicken breast into small cubes and cook in olive oil. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper. Place tortilla on a flat pan and sprinkle with mozzarella. Lay out the chicken evenly on half of the tortilla followed by the veggies. Fold in half and serve.

Cover Photo Credit: eatocracy.cnn.com

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