PriceWho Launches New Platform to Help Consumers Find the Best Deals Online

PriceWho, an online-based business based out of Saudi Arabia, has launched a new platform helping consumers find the best deals when shopping online.

The platform has transformed the way people research and ultimately purchase goods online. Using advanced algorithms designed to track products, deals, and coupons on the internet, PriceWho is revolutionizing eCommerce for the buyer. With its newfound success, the company plans to extend its operations outside of Saudi Arabia very soon.

With PriceWho’s new platform, online shoppers can save thousands of Riyals and many hours of time every year, with little to no effort. People waste significant amounts of time browsing the web and researching different online shops when trying to buy a product. PriceWho does all that and lots more for you. The algorithms run by PriceWho allow shoppers to skip the hassle of trying to monitor price fluctuations themselves and consolidate all the prices into one place. Product prices are constantly fluctuating, and stock levels always vary between online retailers which can directly impact the price buyers are paying.

“Consider PriceWho your shopping assistant who works 24/7. It does all of the research for you, so you don’t have to,” said Faisal Mumtaz, founder, and CEO of PriceWho. “We’re seeing tremendous growth in Saudi Arabia, and we plan to expand to other GCC countries in 2022.” screen-shot-1443-03-28-at-10-08-07-am

PriceWho was engineered specifically to monitor prices and stock statuses of products across multiple retailers’ websites. Not only is the platform able to track current prices, but it can also help consumers decide whether the time is right to buy. The algorithm forms a timeline of the prices to track fluctuation patterns and price history. PriceWho also verifies promo codes across various retailers, automatically, every couple of hours. These validated coupons are marked with a “verified” badge so consumers can be certain these promo codes are active. All these systems are designed around one key objective – leverage data and algorithms to help consumers make the right purchasing decisions with ease.

Making the right decision when shopping online can be difficult. There are too many variables that go into the final price listed on an online store.  PriceWho consolidates all these variables to easily help consumers find the best deals and avoid overpaying for the products they love.

Consumers can simply browse or search for a product, look at availability and price at multiple stores, evaluate historical prices, read reviews, and set price alerts to get notified once price drops. All of this is in a simple to use and intuitive web-based platform that aims to make online shopping simpler.

To explore the PriceWho platform and to find the best deals when online, visit the website at

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