Portraits of The Season

Photo Credit: Lina Mohammed

A modern rendition of our cherished traditions, these are the moments that define a Saudi Ramadan.

Ramadan Nights:

By Deena Dakhiel

Disconnect to reconnect. Ramadan is about igniting your spirituality, it’s about looking in and reflecting on your inner world. Put aside the trend of binge watching TV and delve into the idea of feeding your faith. Put aside the trend of going out every night and start to see what you can do to better serve your community. Allow yourself to disconnect from all distractions so that you can figure out what is most important you. Reconnect with yourself this season. Reconnect with Ramadan.


Last 10 Nights:

By Yasmine Mohamed

With the holy month coming close to an end, we all try to up our spiritual game cashing in as many deeds as possible. It’s not only about what you do during those holiest of nights though, it’s also about what promises you make then and strive to keep for the rest of the year. These days better us, they hold us accountable, and bestow us with the gift of having one more chance at attempting to do better. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Seize these nights this year as if there will be no tomorrow, as if this will be your last chance at transcendence.


The sight of Muslims aligned shoulder to shoulder and toe to toe while giving up sleep to pray is unparalleled. The entire kingdom is up supplicating to Allah in rows that extend for miles outside mosques’ capacities. Amens from the congregation echo and fill the skies with peace. From all walks of life, and unsegregated by color, race, or ethnicity we stand united by one faith and by a sense of proud belonging. Tears are shed in remorse and humility, hearts beat with longing and hope, and prayers transpire to the will of the all mighty, the all merciful. It’s one of the most moving displays
of humanity.

Photo Credit: Lina Mohammed

Photo Credit: Lina Mohammed


By Deena Dakhiel

With the enjoyment of family and friends surrounding us, what a better time than now to get into the habit of giving. Do you remember when you were a kid and the adults would give to you endlessly? All the candy that your parents would tell you you were not allowed to have are suddenly shamelessly at your disposal. Tap into the free spirited happiness that not only comes along with receiving as a child, but that comes with giving as well. For when we give, we connect with the spirit of the season, we connect with our community and we connect with our faith. This season, give and let give.

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