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Pointless Perceptions of Various Degrees

Pointless Perceptions of Various Degrees

By Isra A. Athar

So most of us must have encountered people who immediately associate certain attributes with whichever major we study, attributing further to the concept of stereotyping.

Here is a list of the most common and annoying stereotypes we face:

Engineering means being an expert electrician

When people get to know we are engineering students, they immediately jump to the conclusion that we are only learning how to be an electrician. Yup, we are spending 4 years just to learn how to fix wires and lighting.


Computer science – must know coding

Computer science is a vast discipline, not everyone learns to code or is a programmer, some can choose to be designers too. YES, designing comes under computer science.



Master of Apps and software because you are an IT student
Just because we are studying IT, does not mean we have mastered how to use all the apps and software, we are humans not robots.


Web designer, is that even a major??
Many people still fail to acknowledge web designing as a major. They seem to not know that web developers actually exist and do some of the toughest jobs. How do you expect a fully designed website exists, Harry Potter’s magical wand?



Business students are materialistic
Just because someone is studying how to build a business that brings in profit, create employment or learn how to save money, doesn’t make him/her materialistic. This makes them smart and wanted. One thing is for sure business students aren’t Mr. Krab in disguise.


Business major = no work and a lot of free time at hand
Yes, totally a business student has no work. Everyone fails to remember the competition packed corporate world this student has to be a part of in the future.



English Major- isn’t it a language?
Many are still unaware that English is also a major offered by many universities, yes you read right, offered as a major and not just a language. It is more than just grammar and spelling. An English major is also much more than just essays.


Arts – must have had low grades in school

All students who have taken Arts as their major must once have heard this comment, “Did you get low grades in school that you are an art major now?” Why can’t a person take Art as a major because they like the subject?


Psychology – mental issues much?

Psychology is considered a subject for… well, let’s just say it is perceived no one in their right mind would choose this as their major. Don’t doctors treat patients? Psychologists do the same too.



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