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Planning to Wedd-In?

Planning to Wedd-In?
By Sahrish Ali and Sohila El Saadany

One of the main things to decide before holding a wedding celebration is the venue. Many soon-to-be married couples are leaning towards celebrating their weddings at their homes. This is becoming a growing trend that people are choosing over the traditional wedding hall functions.

Pros and Cons

Home weddings infuse the couple’s bright future with the warmth of their memories, and no better place is engulfed in the aroma of past than their homes. If you’re still trying to decide whether to go with a home wedding or a hall function, here are some points to consider.

The Pros:

1. The Whereabouts
Since a wedding is a costly event, having it at home will eliminate the venue’s expenses. This money can then be allocated elsewhere, like the honeymoon.

2. Complete Control
The couple is in charge. They set a suitable date without worrying about other weddings on the same day. They also decide how long the wedding should be, as not all couples want their weddings to continue until the break of dawn. They pick decorations and flowers along with their desired themes.

3. Wedding Cuisine
Food will not be an issue, since it will be according to taste. The bride and groom will make their own meal choices with caterers they prefer. They will not have to settle for anything less than delicious.

4. Emotional Waterworks

What is more sentimental than getting wed in the house that has witnessed so many stages of the bride or groom’s life? They are embarking on a their first step towards a future together. With family members gathered to celebrate the happy occasion, the nostalgic memories of the bride and groom as children are bound to get those tears of joy running.

The Cons:

1.  Plan of All Plans
Even though the cost of venue is spared, the cost of a wedding planner most probably will not. Someone must be hired to properly prepare the house and turn it into a wedding wonderland. The couple, especially the bride, might have the themes and decorations planned out, but someone would still be needed to implement them.

2. To Invite or Not to Invite
Due to the space, the number of guests will be limited. The event might be restricted to just close friends and family. The wedding list must be agreed upon ahead of time to avoid clashes on who should be invited.

3. Damage Control
There is always a risk of damage with any event and a wedding is no different. A wedding at home will definitely make the owners fear for their valuables. They would not want to risk anything getting broken. With caterers and servants hustling and bustling around, theft is a risk as well. Everyone is going to be too busy to notice if something is damaged or missing.

4. Bathroom Break
Funny as it sounds, bathrooms will be a problem. The bathrooms at home will not be able to accommodate all of the guests. Portable bathrooms could be brought in as a solution, but then where will they be placed? 

Ghadeer Ashoor Modern Events & Wedding Designer
Ghadeer Ashoor Modern Events & Wedding Designer


Wedd-in Experiences:

By Ghadeer Ashore

Loulwa Ahmed

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted a wedding different from all the norm. I never wanted to be a guest at my own wedding where I couldn’t even mingle with the guests or spend time with my loved ones. A wedding is meant to be enjoyed with those closest to you.

Planning an in-house wedding had its challenges; the weather, number of guests, etc. I thought the house wouldn’t accommodate

 the number of guests I had invited (150 people),but the day of the wedding, my wedding planner’s magic came true. He took care of organizing the house, seating arrangements, the kosha where I would sit with the love of my life, and everything in between. He transformed my whole house in two days. My house had two outdoor washrooms so the guests had no problems.

Thankfully, the weather was perfect and people enjoyed themselves at my wedding. I enjoyed staying with my guests from beginning till the end. Personally, I would advice anyone who is getting married to have a wedding where you could invite only the people you want and keep it intimate. I was overwhelmed with emotion when I could dance with my father at my own wedding. There are no words to describe it. It was truly magical.



Rajaa Zagzoog: A wedding planner, shares her experience while organizing a beach house wedding.

Beach-house weddings are great if you want just immediate family and close friends to share the special occasions with you. It also helps if you choose the right time and know that the weather would be pleasant.

Some of the obstacles faced while planning a beach house wedding were setting up the light and sound systems and dealing with space. It was time consuming to make sure the venue had perfect light and sound systems set up, since it is very different from a ballroom. The limited space and house division also made it challenging to arrange seating areas.

By Raja Zagzoog



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