Pizza The New Yorker Way At New York Cab Pizza

By Mohammed Mirza

I recently got to visit New York Cab Pizza and try pizza the NY way with my friend. The place has an interesting appearance externally, covered in glass from the ceiling to the ground. I loved the seating area but it is a bit too small, with just around six tables to dine in.

Skipping the appetizers, we went straight for what we came for – the pizza. There were around eight types of pizzas to choose from, and since a friend had already tried and tested the place before, he suggested the Super Supreme and Meat Lovers. Large pizzas cost us both SR 45 and the serving size was more than sufficient for two people.

It took a rather long time to serve us, but when the pizzas were finally brought in, we were stunned by their huge size. Both pizzas were superbly delicious. The crust was slightly crisp and the taste was unquestionably appetizing.

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