Picking the Right Shoes for the Right Sport

There are different categories of athletic shoes for optimum performance and they are as follows:


  • Lightweight

  • Extra shock absorption in the heel (specifically in the ball of the foot)

  • A slightly rounded sole or rocker bottom



  • Lightweight

  • Sufficient cushioning to absorb maximum shock

  • Good heel control

  • Upper mesh to keep feet cool

  • Grip for single directional movement



  • Sturdy and inflexible rubber soles

  • Maximum shock absorption

  • Very deep lugs for the most traction or shallow/widely spaced lugs for less grip.

  • Raised heel sole (heel break) to reduce chances of sliding


Aerobics/Exercising (Similar to running):

  • Lightweight to prevent foot exhaustion

  • Extra shock absorption in the sole.

  • Work out on a carpet flooring



  • Cleated, studded, bladed, or spiked outsoles

  • A sports insole for further cushioning and support if needed

  • Molded studs for hard ground and screw-in studs for soft ground for traction and movement.


Tennis/Other Racquet Sports:


      • Mid-foot and ankle support

      • Slightly light shock absorption

      • Flexibility in the sole

      • Good grip for multi-directional movements

      • Low profile

      • Cushioning in both front and back

      • Made of durable rubber

Indoor: (Same as above, but..)

      • Made of gum rubber

      • Lighter

      • More mesh on the upper part

Photo Credit: sneakerdoctor.com

Photo Credit: sneakerdoctor.com


            • Moderately flat rubber soles that are wider with a herringbone pattern etched in to improve stability and traction for quick pivots, starts and stops. Thinner rubber for indoor and thicker for outdoors.

            • A high-top shoe for extra support

            • Maximum shock absorption

            • Moderate flexibility


Photo Credit: getpickshoes.com

Photo Credit: getpickshoes.com


            • Less shock absorption

            • Less flexibility.

            • Spikes:

              • Metal spikes (removable) to improve stability and traction on wet, irregular land.

              • Soft spikes (detachable) for moderate traction

              • Spike-less (non-detachable) with built-in rubber nubs on the shoe soles for more traction than regular street shoes.

Photo Credit: overstock.com

Photo Credit: overstock.com


            • Stable and durable to offer protection from the hard ball

            • A grip that is suitable for artificial grass

Photo Credit: hfssport.com

Photo Credit: hfssport.com



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