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Panasonic’s Tough Style Vacuum Cleaner Ideal for Large Middle East Homes

The MC-YL899N features Panasonic’s unique cord reel function.

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) have introduced their latest tank-type vacuum cleaner, the MC-YL899N, which is ideal for cleaning large Middle Eastern homes.

The MC-YL899N, with its uniquely designed 3 mm ditch, protects the body from dents while the large 5 MM thick cylindrical tank can hold 21L of dust.  The vacuum cleaner is lightweight and comes with an extendable 2-piece metal wand ensuring you reach every nook and corner.

This unique and functional full capture nozzle allows for easy cleaning of edges as well. The front cover is designed to remain closed, and will only slide open when it comes in contact with a wall.

Speaking about the features of Panasonic’s latest vacuum cleaner, Mr. Keisuke Nakagawa, Director – Consumer Marketing Division,Panasonic, said, “Panasonic has been a global market leader in vacuum cleaners, and the MC-YL899N is another example of Panasonic’s made in Japan craftsmanship. This particular model has been designed specifically to cater to the large houses across the Middle East, keeping in mind, requirements like quick storage, hygiene, reduced disposal, and improved durability.”

The region sees high levels of dust and pollutants in homes, the MC-YL899N, offering powerful suction with its 2400-Watt motor is ideal for the task.  It also has a blower adapter, that can be attached to enhance the blower operation of the vacuum

Furthermore, the drum of the MC-Yl899N is protected from the buildup of static electricity, by a grounding chain, strategically placed at the bottom of the drum.

This latest model also stems the made in Japan quality guarantee, and feature Panasonic’s smart cord storage (cord reel function) for its 8-meter cord. This technology rewinds the cable on the press of a button, making storage easy and convenient.

Another key feature is the anti-bacteria filter. Infused with copper, it helps eliminates odour particles to improve air quality. Additionally, the motor in the cleaners is coated with a rubber shield to keep the dirt out. The MC-YL899N is highly manoeuvrable, with the ducts placed at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, which increases its durability. Panasonic also offers a set of accessories with the MC-YL899N in the form of a crevice and upholstery cleaning tool.

This premium made in Japan vacuum cleaner is a compact, efficient and incredibly powerful machine designed to deliver excellent cleaning results, and the MC-YL899N is available now in beautiful gold colour.

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