Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Out With the Old, In With the New

Out With the Old, In With the New
Ask yourself these difficult questions and see if your answers match these snippets of Destination’s year of awesome. Make sure you play the song recommended under each question.

Is Happiness the Ultimate Goal?

​Song: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves

There is no fixed formula for happiness. Each person feels happy differently.

Some are being the change they want to see in the world. They are content with the impact they are leaving on their surroundings. That may beget even greater responsibility, but they will always know that joy comes from self-fulfillment and good influence.




“I can be whatever I want to be and I can be something in this society.” Mawadda Mohtasab (Calligraphy and Graffiti Artist), pg. 42, May Issue



Others collect and relish in the memories. Who said that reminiscing has to lead to sadness? A lot of the times people look back to remember what put them on the road to happiness in the first place.




“The memories that matter most are the simple ones.” Nehal Alomari (Founder, PaperMoon), pg. 30, June Issue



What is happiness without having someone to share it with? Your support system is your best ally. The whole #familygoals #friendgoals are in fact important. Finding those who encourage you and are there every step of the way is indeed a blessing.



“It was the best feeling EVER to compete in front of my friends, teammates and family. The presence of my beloved father really got me excited and ready to do my best.” Abdulahad Gari (MMA Fighter), pg. 43, January Issue

Is Your Comfort Zone Really That Bad?

Song: Good Life by One Republic

Comfort zones are underrated. You only hear of how bad they are and how you should jump out of them, but seriously you should give back to the spaces where you’re most comfortable. Grow and flourish where you’re planted. Some try to make a change in whatever way they can in the field that embraces them so cozily.




“We can’t really control the size of the impact; but we have to take initiatives and at least try.” Ammar Aidarous Al Sabban (Puppeteer and Architect), pg. 42, April Issue


Don’t confuse chillin’ in your comfort zone with being stuck in a rut. If you feel down and uninspired, chances are you are amidst that “rut.” This is your cue to diverge and explore different things so you can find a zone you can so proudly call comfortable. Be spontaneous and creative to avoid falling into the trap of monotony.



“If it makes you feel good, confident and adds that little kick in your stride, my advice will always be to go for it!” Anum Bashir (Fashion Blogger), pg. 51, September Issue

Are Regrets Necessary?

Song: Crash and Burn by Lifehouse

Regrets are given a bad reputation, as if it some sort of stigma to regret something you have done before. You are the sum of all your victories and losses. Without those regrets you would only keep repeating your mistakes and that would be well…. kinda not smart.

Don’t just learn from your ups, learn from your downs and other people’s downs as well. Hey, others can inspire you as well, that’s what autobiographies are for.

“Al Munif is not one to shy away from his failures…’People learn from my failures. And I have a lot of those.“ Abdullah Al Munif Anoosh Founder, pg. 24, October Issue

How Much Fear Is Too Much Fear?

Song: King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men (watch the video)

What scares you makes you stronger. Nothing is more intimidating than facing your fear and then doing it anyway. That’s called brave.




“I encourage people to do what others deem impossible because that’s what creativity is.” Ziad Organji (Author of Eesam), pg. 43, February Issue



Helping others against injustice is definitely scary. But this way you not only conquer your fear, but also feel at peace with yourself. What is more important, fear or peace?




“To raise one’s voice against oppression and injustice even when all odds are stacked against you.” Ayman Jamal (Executive Movie Producer, Bilal Movie), pg. 40, April Issue


There is no such thing as staying positive ALL the time. You can’t be perfect at everything at all times. The sooner you accept that fact the better it is for the rest of humanity.

Even if you do something that scares you and do not succeed at it, you are still lapping those who stay on their couches dreaming about doing the stuff that you’ve done.



“We like that we get both positive and negative feedback as it allows us to reflect further on our work and keeps us wanting to push ourselves.” Frop and Muso (Graffiti Artists), pg. 58, September Issue

Skip the Resolutions

Song: One Step At A Time by Jordin Sparks

Own it. Own yourself. Win. When your resolutions don’t align with the internal view of yourself that you have, you’re giving yourself false hope. Own the fact that you deserve all the good things that you wish for and start doing.

Gratitude plays a great part in accepting the things you deserve and being thankful for what you have. Practice gratitude and practice mindfulness.



“If you want stillness, health or love, own the fact that you have time for it.”
“You’re where time comes from…quit thinking time is ‘out there.’ Take ownership of time – acknowledge that you are where it comes from – and it will stop owning you.” Ali Al Ghazzawi (Yoga Instructor) , pg. 75, January Issue



Life is in constant flux and so are you. No one is the person they were five years ago and to expect someone to remain the same is preposterous. Embrace change if it makes you better. Good things will come when you love the change that is you and keep doing what you love.



“I thought I was a poet when I was 9, an IT specialist at 13 and a graphic designer at 15. So it just happens gradually; discovering what you love.” Basmah Felemban (Artist), pg. 38, February Issue

Unlearning Is the Key to Learning

Song: Faith by Calvin Harris

Unlearning is the hardest part of growth. It includes elements of both reflection and action. At times it seems like a purification process to get rid of all the bad energy surrounding you.

We have to learn to abandon our thoughts of how something should be and just experience it for what it is. That is the true essence of mindfulness and living in the moment.



“My aim as a supporter of this culture is to show people in Saudi Arabia that this culture can be used to express, advocate the voiceless and to revoke unjustified power battles and egocentricity. The ultimate motto is to stay real.” Big Hass, (Radio Show Host), pg. 40, January Issue



Honesty and commitment will take you far. One thing you need to stay true to is what makes you, YOU. When you are true to you, only then you can apply it to all areas in your life including the people you deal with.



“One of the first lessons in life is you must have real honesty in your career in the way you deal with your clients. That garners respect.” Lina Hajjar (Owner of Simple Design) , pg. 20, January Issue



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