Our Readers Tell Us Why Having A Sibling Is The Best Gift One Could Have

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We asked our readers “how having a sibling is the best gift you could ever have?” and here is what some of them had to say. Warning: after reading this you’ll either end up calling them or giving them a bear hug!


@sosbeetroot Because you get to annoy them, borrow stuff from them and never return, and yet they will have your back, love you and cover for you, be there for you and support you no matter what and we can always cuddle like baby cats!


@dinaarif Its like having an unconditional love account that never runs out…


@Jawahir.alfaiz You can trust that no matter how bad you’ve fought or argued, they will love you no matter what. Family is family. Also friends can be like siblings.


@alaalinjawi Life is lonely without them. They are the true unconditional eternal love and support.


@hanadijam Because my life would mean nothing without them

@olgatreweek Because she’s (he) a piece of you….


@illuminating_stars_xox You may fight with each other but in the end they are your best friend who will always be there for you no matter what. ♥


@bero2625 because they are the only ones who will catch me whenever I fall down ({})


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