Oodles of Doodles With The Urban Gypsea


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Danya Bayomi, aka The Urban Gypsea, gives us a peek into her world of doodling.

Egyptian born, Saudi raised, 20 year-old interior design graduate, Bayomi now works as an interior designer at IKEA as part of their expansion team.

When did you start doodling? Has it always been a part of your life?

“Doodling hasn’t always been a part of my life. I never considered myself an artist especially since I was never good at it in school or university. I went to Jeddah Prep and Grammar School. My doodling kind of just started when I was bored in class. It wasn’t something I was consciously doing as art.”IMG_8254

How would you define your style?

“I started experimenting with different shapes and designs; things I could doodle. It takes time to develop your own specific style. I have a few styles but I am still sort of developing them. There is still quite a bit to explore within these styles.”

The Urban Gypsea’s doodles develop organically in either progressive floral or geometric styles. They have been seen as bookmarks, notebooks and most notably, covering a wall at our favorite specialty coffee house, Medd Café. One of the more geometric designs was done for Doodle For A Cause. Most of her doodles are Zen tangles and such.Mug

Where do you plan to take your art further?

“I want to experiment with more designs so that anyone who sees my doodles would see their style in them as well.”

She plans on branching out to creating more products with her doodles such as notebooks and more elaborate designs. Some of the more recent designs have been seen on her Instagram account where she doodles on photos and other objects.BookMark3

How does doodling help you?

“It takes my mind off of things. Doodling gives me a break from thinking too much. Medd is my favorite piece I’ve done. It was my first large-scale piece that took 3 days to complete.”

The Urban Gypsea continues to experiment with different mediums and spaces for her creations.

Instagram: urbangypsea

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