Ocean Basket Mediterranean Home Of Seafood

An ocean of  seafood, just the way you like.

Every hardcore food lover knows that seafood is a great delicacy: the gourmet taste, the rich flavors, and the mouthwatering variety.
However, it’s not always easy to find the right place where good seafood rhymes with good mood, freshness, variety, and value, except when you’re in Saudi Arabia, where everybody knows that the ultimate spot for a fulfilling seafood experience is Ocean Basket. Welcome to an ocean of seafood delights, where you, your family, and your friends can gather around a generous table that speaks volumes of Mediterranean hospitality in a laid-back ambience.fish-page-1-must-use

Originally South African, Ocean Basket is Greek at heart and by heritage, serving customers the best the sea has to offer in a comprehensive menu that features signature grilled and fried dishes, as well as an extensive made-to-order sushi selection. Traditional items served in hot pans will quickly become all-time favorites, while recent menu additions like Sardines, Dynamite Shrimp, and Shrimp Blast are guaranteed to capture your taste buds from the first bite. Here, you can enjoy some of the best prawn in the market as well as mussels, superb calamari, and a fresh catch-of-the-day. That’s not all. With Ocean Basket, you never have to worry about quality, serving you seafood handpicked from the local market or carefully sourced from the country of origin, like salmon imported directly from Norway.3-cmyk

What’s really unique about Ocean Basket: There are no restrictions or rules, except for one maybe – share the fun! The bigger the gathering, the bigger the table, the more the appetite, and the more the conviviality! Let loose, try a bit of everything, pass around those pans, squeeze a lemon, dip in their zesty homemade sauces, dig in with your hands into the awesome Full Deck Platter, fish a piece from your neighbor’s dish, and do whatever it takes to make your seafood journey as enjoyable as it can get!

Don’t forget to add in a couple of laughs, for the best memories are made around an Ocean Basket feast! What are you waiting for? Head now to your nearest Ocean Basket branch to discover the new menu and enjoy one of the most indulging seafood experience in town! Or, order in using any of your favorite delivery apps.

Location: Red Sea Mall
Mob: +966-50983 6022
Location: Mall of Arabia
Tel: +966-12- 6121054
Mob: +966-559042395
Location: Prince Sultan Road (Khalidiya Center)
Tel: +966-12- 6901461
Mob: +966-50-3625408
Location: Jizan Corniche Rd.
Tel: +966-17-3232685
Web: oceanbasketksa.com
Instagram: oceanbasketksa
Facebook: oceanbasketksa
Twitter: oceanbasketksa

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