How Not To Look Like Your Passport Photo Upon Arrival

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Unless you’re traveling on an Emirates flight, on a first class ticket where showering in mid air is possible only for you and other elites like you, then you’ll probably not going to look like a superstar when you step off board.

But, there are some little things that you can do that just might save you from looking like your flight experience.

Get enough sleep the day before your flight

The best way to avoid dark circles under your eyes is to arrive at the airport having had enough sleep and rest (especially if you have a long flight ahead of you).


Small, simple and fresh essentials

Travel size moisturizer/lotion, Travel size perfume, Travel size hand sanitizer/Travel size tissue pack, Oil blotting wipes to keep your skin fresh, Lip balm, Mini hairbrush. Blindfolds for a deeper snooze and a more relaxed face.

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Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated at all times to keep your skin glowing and moisturized. Keep a water bottle on you, as airplane air and pressure can get really dry. Moisturize constantly.

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Pack extras

We’ve all had moments on the plane where we wish we had an extra everything. Don’t risk awkward situations and pack an extra shirt and delicates.

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Sunglasses can do so much more than hide sunlight

With sunglasses, you can add vibrancy and sharpness to your look while also hiding those tired eyes. They save you the hassle of putting makeup on too. Arrive like a true celebrity.


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Hats, hats and more hats

The air inside an airplane is electrically charged, making a bad hair day a very possible scenario. Hats are perfect for those little frizzes that can’t be tamed. Just throw on a funky hat and you’re good to go. Whether you are lazy to work on your hair, or just don’t have time for it, hats will always add a finished touch to your look with no effort at all.

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Don’t suffocate in what you wear

Tight clothing can restrict healthy blood flow, making you look pale as ever. It is not uncommon to experience bloatedness or puffiness during your travel, so plan accordingly. Wear loosely fitted yet stylish clothing. Keep in mind: comfort always comes first.


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Make a travel hair do

Search for travel hairstyles.


Go for the smart look – avoid contact lenses

Airplane air can get really dry and that can be dangerous if you regularly wear contact lenses. Eyeglasses can be stylish; so do not be afraid to rock them. However, if you must stick to lenses, make sure you keep eye drops with you at all times.


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Master the art of good make-up

While traveling, keep your make up goods at a minimum. Remember, you are keeping a natural look. Also, leave doing your make up till the very end of your flight or freshen up you look at the airport when you land. This will avoid you sweating with makeup on or smudged make up, but instead maintaining the sharp, put together look you are aiming for.


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Travel like a zen master: don’t create unnecessary hassle

  • The Casual Abaya (fitting arms for easy maneuvering).
  • Stylish, but always comfy a.k.a NEVER wear heels.
  • Light, large bags over small heavy ones. Comfort is key, especially when you have connecting flights at large airports. Opt for large bags with light material, a zipper and long handles (to hang on your shoulders).
  • Be organized: have anything you might need within hands reach, easy to access and hassle-free.

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Keep the blood flowing with some inflight yoga

Blood flow is sure to concentrate at your feet when sitting for long hours. This will surely drain the color from your face, something you really should avoid. Move around as much as you can, but also opt for some simple inflight yoga that will keep the flowing and your cheeks rosy.


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Stay warm

It can get quite cold for many of us on airplanes, so use airline blankets to stay warm and avoid an upset stomach or bloating. This will also insure your face doesn’t get paler as your get colder.


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Keep it healthy, keep it light

Overeating or eating the wrong foods can cause stomach discomfort or bloating. Then, blood flow is focused in your abdomen instead of your skin. You also don’t want to panic in these situations. Pack healthy snacks beforehand; eat small portions regularly to avoid hunger and overeating. Airplane food is worth the hassle anyway.


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Finally, don’t stress it. Just enjoy it.


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