Nosheen Ahmad Wasim

Perseverance Despite Odds.

“The new definition of leadership is to empower others and not just seek power for yourself”. Nosheen Ahmad Wasim is head of the delegation division at Jeddah’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is the counsellor for the General Authority of Entertainment in the Western region. She also takes part in Jeddah’s Economic Forum and owns Baraem center for children with special needs. Hoping to become one of 18 board members for the Chamber of Commerce and impart positive change, she is a candidate in the current elections.

On her agenda there are three main things she wants to tackle. Firstly, she aims to encourage international businesses and make Jeddah a magnet for foreign investors. This will allow for more small and medium businesses to flourish hence improving economic growth. Secondly, she wants to continue to empower women on various frontiers. By creating harassment free, safe, and understanding environments for women, and increasing educational and training opportunities, Nosheen believes that that would be the best way to help working women become more professional at what they do and more competent too. Not only that, she will also be enabling women to pursue their dreams by encouraging certain businesses such as kindergartens and nurseries, for example, to help recruit more mothers to work and fulfill their dreams. Finally, Nosheen firmly believes that social services must be integrated within the Saudi governmental system and not be solely provided by charity organizations or as part of other individual efforts. Currently there are gaps in policies and miscommunications between parties that hinder the progress of businesses in need of attention. Focusing on these problems that affect the grass roots of society, she aspires to influence and enhance the lives of many she relates to and considers herself a part of. Within the upcoming four years, if elected, Nosheen will be looking forward to collaborate with other board members to do what is best for the community. “Even if we achieve small increments of change and improvement, that will make me happy”.

Facing multiple calamities throughout her personal life and recently losing both her children to ailment, Nosheen knows well that the source of strength is having complete and blind faith in God. She invites people who were chosen to go through certain hardships, to try and be good examples for the world of how one can gracefully cruise through life with positivity. “Patience is moving on in life and remaining productive despite the pain you carry inside”.

Voting in Al Leith, Al Qunfudah, Rabigh, and Kholais will be open on Sunday 24th of March 2019. In Jeddah, voting is from 25-28 March 2019.img-20190226-wa0005

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