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Nespresso’s Vertuo System Brings New Coffee Trend Home, at The Touch of a Button

Nespresso’s Vertuo System Brings New Coffee Trend Home, at The Touch of a Button

Patented brewing technology and extensive menu make Vertuo the most versatile choice for coffee lovers who like to experiment.

Jeddah, KSA NOVEMBER 2021 – Nespresso is introducing nine coffee capsules to its Vertuo system to empower a new generation of passionate home baristas. Following a year in which at-home coffee consumption has reached new heights, coffee lovers’ increasingly sophisticated tastes have pushed the boundaries of at-home brewing. Nespresso’s expanded Vertuo menu has been inspired by local coffee shops, allowing people to choose a variety, style, and size of coffee to match their mood, and ensure Nespresso quality in every cup.

Extensive menu of flavours and styles “Modern coffee drinkers no longer want to settle for one style, even at home. With this in mind, the Vertuo system has been designed to deliver a wide range of brewing styles and sizes – all topped off with Vertuo’s signature crema.” – Yassir Max Corpataux, Nespresso Coffee Ambassador for Middle East and Africa.

The expanded Vertuo menu offers 35 blends to suit every taste and elevate any occasion: from intense espressos (40ml) and double espressos (80ml), to longer coffees (150-230ml), single-origin, iced-coffee and flavoured options. There’s even something to share with Carafe Pour-Over Style (535ml).

Nine New Varieties

Nespresso’s coffee masters have developed 9 blends and master origin to complete the repertoire of today’s increasingly discerning home baristas:

Il Caffè 40ml
Il Caffè delivers the classic Italian espresso experience. It is a punchy combination of smooth velvety taste and roasty, cereal aromas. Hints of wood and cocoa add to its rich character.

Orafio 40ml
Warm cereal and caramel notes flow in an Arabica blend touched with Robusta. Enjoyed as an espresso, it is light-bodied, low in bitterness, and graced with a hint of acidity.

Toccanto 40ml
Toccanto is a juicy espresso coffee that bursts with wild, candied fruit notes from an aromatically floral blend of Latin American Arabicas, outlined by a hint of toasted bread.

Altissio Decaffeinato 40ml
A full-bodied and creamy decaffeinated espresso from intense roast Latin American Arabicas. This Vertuo coffee has a thick and velvety crema full of rich, roasty notes.

Master Origin Peru Organic 40ml
Crafted with care by smallholder farmers in Peru’s remote Andes mountains, Master Origin Peru Organic is a fruity coffee with distinct green vegetable notes. The coffee’s fine acidity is beautifully balanced by its contrasting aromas of toasted sweet cereals.

Inizio 150ml
Ease back into that laid-back Sunday feeling with this juicy blend of East African Arabicas full of rich toasted cereal and wild floral notes.

Fortado Decaffeinato 150ml
The most intense coffee in the Gran Lungo (150ml) size now comes decaffeinated, and still with all the force of its thick-bodied character and cocoa and oat notes.

Melozio Decaffeinato 230ml
Smooth and balanced, Melozio Decaffeinato is the decaffeinated take on our easy-drinking blend of Latin American Arabicas, with a delightful smooth cereal note and honeyed sweetness.

Carafe Pour-Over Style Intense 535ml
For when one cup just isn’t enough. The pour-over method inspired this easy-to-drink blend, ready to share its roasted and smoky notes hidden beneath a delicate crown of crema. Served in a 535ml size, this coffee capsule is compatible exclusively with the Vertuo Next machine.

Reach new heights of versatility with Vertuo Next
The Vertuo Next is Nespresso’s most versatile machine yet, designed to make the full range of long and short cups – from 40ml Espresso to the new 535ml Carafe Pour-Over Style – at the touch of a button. Thanks to barcode recognition and Centrifusion™️ extraction technology, the system adjusts brewing parameters such as temperature, the quantity of water, and rotation speed for an exquisite cup every time, just like a personal barista. The Vertuo Next is made from 50% recycled plastics with 100% of its packaging from recycled sources and 99.5% recyclable.

For an optimal Vertuo coffee experience. Nespresso offers a wide range of accessories, including the Vertuo Carafe set for Carafe Pour-Over Style coffee capsules, and its popular Nomad travel mugs range for long coffees on the go – now available in Olive green.

The new Vertuo coffees, machines, and accessories will be available online and at Nespresso boutiques. For more information, please visit


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