National Geographic Announces the Premiere of “Lost Treasures of Arabia: The Ancient City of Dadan”

The 44-minute documentary premieres on Monday, 13 March, at 11PM UAE and 10PM KSA, only on National Geographic.

National Geographic today announced the upcoming premiere of ‘Lost Treasures of Arabia: The Ancient City of Dadan’. The 44-minute documentary will take viewers on an epic journey to the historic city of AlUla in northwest Saudi Arabia, exploring the Dadanite and Lihyanite kingdoms that existed over two millennia ago.

Audiences will get a front-row-seat to enter Dadan, one of the major trade stations on the ancient Incense Route, linking South Arabia with the Levant and Egypt. Thanks to this rich history, archaeologists are unearthing new artifacts, discovering Dadanite technology, and getting insight on the rituals and languages of the time. The mysteries and legacy are explored in depth, and, through breathtaking footage from AlUla’s archeological sites, historical reenactments, and stunning cinematography, viewers will have the chance to experience the story of the historic kingdoms.

Leveraging National Geographic’s famed storytelling and featuring world-renowned archeologists, historians, linguists, and other experts, we unveil the secrets of one of the world’s most significant untouched locations. And, we get one step closer to answering the question: why did the Dadanite kingdom disappear?

‘Lost Treasures of Arabia: The Ancient City of Dadan’ is directed by Dirk Verheye and Inti Calfat, and executive produced by National Geographic’s Iván Bouso and Rajul Chauhan in association with the Royal Commission for AlUla.

Don’t miss the uncovered treasures of AlUla, premiering on Monday, 13 March, at 11PM UAE and 10pm KSA, only on National Geographic.

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