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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Music Anonymous Moghazi

Music Anonymous Moghazi
By Johara Al Mogbel

Moghazi has created quite a stir in the region recently. A guy who lets his work speak volumes on his behalf, he’s kept his identity a secret. So who is Moghazi, exactly?


In his own words, he’s a “music producer who entered the world of sound in a completely indirect way.” With the ability to make traditional Arabic instruments fresh and exciting, he’s managed to cultivate a dedicated following on social media, fans who wait for every new soundtrack with barely restrained patience.


What makes Moghazi stand out, though, is that he doesn’t merely depend on sampling to make his tracks. All instrumentals are recorded by him, then added in. “I disagree on the use of the word ‘remixing’. What I do is sampling, and there’s a difference. With sampling, you redistribute a part of the original song and change its tune. With remixing, you simply redistribute the song without amending anything.”


And it’s all about the music for him. Known for keeping his identity under wraps, he says it hasn’t impacted his relationship with his followers. “The popularity of Moghazi doesn’t matter to me. What I care about is the feedback to the work I produce, I care about the audience that follows the music and not the man.”


Moghazi started producing his own music in 2006, but he’s been playing oud since 2000. He isn’t biased when it comes to music; he loves listening to anything as long as it sounds beautiful. Except for metal, that is. The first song he remembers hearing? “Thriller.” (We’re starting to think Michael Jackson is a wizard, we really are).


Moghazi’s most known project is his work with Telfaz11, from La Yekthar to Khamblah, and the channel’s traditional Eid song. “Working with Telfaz 11 was excellent! It gave me great experience in visual music.” Having musicians like Moghazi, who have the ability to mix Arabic culture and western overtones skillfully, is very important to the regional pop culture.


There’s much to be done in the region, in his opinion. “The music scene is weaker than it should be, and it needs more specialists in the field.” For those who would like to join in, he has some great advice. “They should broaden their experience, and listen to tunes from around the world. Being stuck on one genre is never a good idea.”


Indeed. Here’s to hoping we get to hear more awesomeness from the talented musician.



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Soundcloud: Moghazi


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