Music and Antiques: A Must Visit in Jeddah

Music and Antiques Music and antiques entrance

Nested in Box Park Center on Al Batterjee, Music and Antiques is the new go to place in Jeddah. A new concept store that is bringing the retro 70s music cafes to Jeddah while giving the option for all the visitors to buy whatever they lie their eyes on within the walls of the shop. 

Anwar organizing the Vinyls

Founded by Anwar Idriss, Music and Antiques is, according to him, one of his most exciting projects. In order to understand the idea behind the shop, we need to know more about Anwar and where he got the inspiration to open such a place. Anwar is a Saudi music producer that lived a big chunk of his life in the U.S. He is very present and active within the music industry in Saudi and has his own company that acquires and develops talents in Saudi in partnership with the popular Saudi rapper Qusai. They have been working in music ever since it was still considered illegal and have an understanding of the music industry in Saudi like no other. 

Record player in action

The shop also processes a lot of paintings and artworks that Anwar thinks fit perfectly in the shop which are giving a chance to Saudi artists of all forms to display their artworks in his shop with hopes of getting sold. Anwar believes that giving the Saudi public the chance to display their art will push them to create some of the most interesting works that will elevate the artistic standard of Saudi. Music and Antiques works as a community builder where they hope to create a safe environment for all customers stepping foot in the shop and to provide them with the ultimate entertainment. 

Mini stage for performances

The space is operated by both Music and Antiques and the french restaurant Lyon. The food and coffee served comes from the amazing french bistro while Music and Antiques provide the entertainment and decorations of the shop. In the second floor of the shop, you can find the true gallery alongside a mini stage that will become a space for musicians or any type of entertainment to take on the stage and show their talent to the customers of the shop. 

Antiques shop

Finally, Music and Antiques is a place not only worth visiting, but is considered in our opinion, a must visit in Jeddah. It is currently in their soft opening phase but is planning to open officially very soon. Go enjoy the amazingly crafted interior and check out the different cool stuff you can find there. As much as we explain, it will not do the space any justice. You gotta see it for yourself. 


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