Mountain Climbing Enthusiasts Unite

One of the most remarkable highlights of the kingdom’s uplands is that it is the perfect mountain climbing spot.

From summits that you can drive to unconquered peaks that no soul has yet scaled, Saudi Arabia’s diverse range of mountains will pander to your needs no matter what mountain activity you like.

Photo ops in Al Namas and Tanomah
These are the best spots for photography enthusiasts

  • Clouds Park (Al Namas)
  • Al Megar Tourist Village (Al Namas)
  • Mareer Mountain park (Al Namas)
  • Dar Dahdooh (Tanomah)
  • Al Arbuah park (Tanomah)
  • Al Sharaf Park (Tanomah)

Jabal Daka

The Jabal Daka peak located close to Taif is ideal for those who don’t want to venture far from city life. The postcard-worthy views of the Sarawat Mountain Range from the top here. In case you utterly love the mountain vistas and are not planning to leave anytime soon, you can always stay at one of the many resorts located at Jabal Daka.

203-20200914100311-9153373-copyFaifa Mountains

Getting here is not the easiest of tasks, but it will seem worth it once you do. The area is lush green. There are plentiful options for hiking here, though many of them will have to be through uncharted territory, making this secluded mountain range all the more intriguing.

arabiatravelsaudi-copyJabal Al Souda

Jabal Al Souda translates into “black mountain” in English and is widely considered the tallest peak, boasting over 2,800 meters. As expected with such heights, the view from atop is awe-inspiring. If trekking is your thing, you can also follow the well-paved hiking trail near the peak that passes through biodiversity.

Birdwatchers will love the Shada Mountain’s diverse ecosystem as its home to several rare and endangered Steppe Eagle.

dsc_0562-copyJabal Shada

The Jabal Shada massif is home to some of the most elusive endemic species of Arabia and is classified as a protected nature reserve. The Jabal Shada is a mountain climbing and biking hub. A recent addition to Jabal Shada is the cave hotels, which are well-worthy of the long route to the massif on their own.


Jabal al Lawz

The otherworldly landscape of Jabal Al Lawz is so Instagrammable that your notifications will be buzzing for hours after posting about it. The place is pretty popular during winter as this is one of those scarce places in all of Arabia where it snows. Even if it doesn’t, temperatures here can be bracing during winters, so it’s always advisable to gear up accordingly.

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