Mounirah Mosly Exhibition – Hafez Gallery Jeddah

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Makkah born Mounriah Mosly, College of Fine Arts Cairo graduate, staged her first private exhibition in Jeddah in 1972 at Al Shams Gallery. Since then, she’s been an active traveller and contributor to the Middle Eastern art scene. Being a pioneer alongside Safia Bin Zagr, they held the first female art exhibition during their school years.

Her evolution as an identity and an individual is reflected deeply in this exhibition. As you tour the gallery, you will travel alongside her: wooden windows from Ha’il, papyrus from Egypt, reflections on her time in Spain, and leather skins and mixed fabrics from various countries picked up along the way. These tokens allowed visitors to catch a glimpse of her fruitful life.

  1. Check out our favorite piece – “A Wound Like A Long Night 2”

  2. Don’t forget to take a look at the section dedicated to her artistic story showcasing her preliminary sketches.

  3. Don’t miss out on the screening of her directorial video at the backend of the gallery.

  4. Pick up the exhibition catalogue on the way out.

Location: Hafez Galley, 2nd floor, Bougenvillea, Malik Rd.
Dates: 16 February – 22 March 2016
Opening Hours:
Weekdays 10 – 9

Saturday- 5 – 9


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