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Motivating Music to Fit Your Job and Inspire You

Motivating Music to Fit Your Job and Inspire You

Research shows that listening to music while working actually enhances your productivity.

And if you seem to be stuck somewhere in the middle of your task, sometimes the best way to get out of it is to listen to the ultimate relatable playlist. It makes you feel better knowing you’re not the one who ever felt this way. It’s also a great escape from a noisy surrounding workplace.

So, here is the perfect playlist for employees according to the work they’re doing.

Accounting/Banking and other Financial/Mathematical Jobs:

Typically, people in this field are advised to listen to classical music because it helps the employee pay attention to detail but if those Beethoven symphonies aren’t working out for you and the balance sheet doesn’t seem to be balancing out, then ‘I Won’t Give Up’ by Jason Mraz is the perfect track.

Hopefully it will give you the motivation to not give up on your balance sheet.

Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry jobs can get mundane and boring after a while so the best thing to do is put on some pop beats that make the task a little more bearable.

‘All Star’ by Smashmouth is the ultimate song for such a scenario!

You will definitely feel like you can own the whole data entry system with this song.


Scientists have to work a lot with equations and complicated things. Scientifically speaking, scientists should listen to soft ambient music while working in order to provide the perfect environment for a good experiment.

However, if you’re deep in your research and you’ve come up with an ultimate revelation that you can’t wait to show the world, then ‘Magic’ by Coldplay is the perfect option!

Coldplay songs generally fit well into ‘VIOLA!’ moments so another one that could definitely fit it ‘A Sky Full of Stars’.

And of course Coldplay even has a song called ‘The Scientist’ for whenever you feel like you’re not getting it right with all the overwhelming equations and problems.

Writing/Editing Jobs:

Writing and editing involves a lot of proofreading, which means a lot of attention to detail. Research shows that dance music helps with these sorts of tasks.

But, if you’re getting fed up of having to reduce a 1000 word essay into 200 words and you can’t think of the perfect word to fit into context then ‘Gives You Hell’ by the All American Rejects. This will obviously be aimed at the unfortunate soul who put you in a situation requiring you to edit everything into something sensible.

Creative Fields – Art and Design Jobs:

For artists and designers, jazz and blues music have proven to be good choices to enhance productivity.

When there are days you’d like the creativity to envelope you so you can create the perfect piece then ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City is the ultimate imaginative world to get into.

This song will take you on an experience that will definitely get your creative juices working.

Other Scenarios

There’s definitely a song for every scenario you might be in at work, but, since we can’t list them all here, the following is a list of songs that you can relate to no matter what field you’re in.

1. ‘Billionaire’ by Bruno Mars ft. Travie McCoy.

This song is for when you need motivation to get up for work.

2. ‘Freedom’ by George Michael.

This classic is always relatable when you leave a bad job or you’re on a much-needed holiday.

3. ‘Price Tag’ by Jessie J ft. B.O.B.

This song is just a reminder that, it’s okay if you’re not getting paid what you expected. You should be in it for the passion of the work and not the money. Definitely not for those whose mantra is the ‘Billionaire’ song mentioned above.


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