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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

More Than a Clinic

More Than a Clinic

Prioritizing both physical and mental health for all ages.

Caring for our children is everyone’s responsibility, and Andalusia Clinics leads the way as the first children’s wellness center in the Kingdom.imgl0313-copyUtilizing their pediatrician clinic to provide premium healthcare to children and adolescents, Andalusia Clinics regularly monitors your child’s progress through their many phases of development. The clinic boasts two floors fully dedicated to specialized services for your children, addressing issues like delayed speech and disabilities to provide a well-rounded treatment. imgl9828Offering services ranging from X-rays to preventive and therapeutic oral health care, Andalusia’s pediatric dentistry clinic goes above and beyond for your child’s dental care. The dentistry clinic is run by Dr. Mostafa Al Judeili, who has extensive experience in the field of dentistry. With over 2,000 successful cases and being himself a father of two, he works to provide the best possible care for his patients, whom he treats like his own.
Andalusia also offers counseling psychology services, led by MSc. Rawan Bondogji, whose extensive experience in counseling psychology focuses on understanding children’s emotional and cognitive needs, in order to deal with any behavioral issues that may arise.
imgl0202Andalusia not only provides medical treatment for children, they also have many after-school activities and programs to help children ages 4 to 12 with self-discovery. These programs are designed to help develop skills and interests your child might gravitate toward as they grow, and also give them a more productive way to utilize their free time once they’re out of school.
imgl0125Some of these programs involve children’s development in both emotional intelligence and verbal skills. They sharpen skills necessary for deeper communication, as the emotional intelligence program looks inward, while verbal skills would project outward.
imgl0109The programs also have more fun and entertainment-based activities, such as MasterChef classes, physical activities, and creative arts, giving your child an outlet to discover latent talents, skills, or simply things they want to do for fun. imgl0100

The Andalusia Clinics have garnered the trust of parents all around Jeddah thanks to their dedication to children’s health from all aspects – physical, dental, mental and creative. More than just a clinic, they are a community that looks out for your child’s well-being in a way that they can also enjoy.

Location: 3258 Sari St., Bawadi Dist.
Tel: +966-12-2166677
Facebook: andalusiackw


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