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Moe Zein – the Human Tree, Branching out Everywhere

Moe Zein – the Human Tree, Branching out Everywhere
By Abdulaziz Salah

With different genres being offered to us now in Jeddah’s music scene, we catch up with Moe Zein, a lead singer in one of the very few rock bands in Jeddah, a parody show inventor, a viner and a teacher.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am spontaneous, easy going, positive and down to earth. I have a lot to deliver and a lot to give. I believe I still have a lot to learn and will always be a learner.

We are impressed by your diversity in entertainment. What drives you to branch out and do more?
Thank you for your kind compliment. I believe art has no limits or barriers. I always try to diversify myself and discover what I can deliver as an artist, and wait for people›s general review. From there I decide whether to go on or not. The most important thing is for one to try and keep trying. Persistence is key!

What is your mentality/state of mind in approaching most of the things you do?
Setting bigger goals year by year and of course challenging myself to meet them. It is effective. Then I do before and after comparisons, see what can be fixed and reflect on my accomplishments.

Tell us more about TremTrem, your YouTube show, and the motive behind it.
Well the idea came after days of depression at home. I was literally down and eager to do something different to approach society. At first, a couple of my close friends were against the idea, but I insisted on doing it. Thank God it is becoming a success now. Trem Trem parody is basically musical clips that revolve around social topics in a humorous way. Marwan Ghaziri, Saif Mufti, Bandr Tambosi, Mutassem El Khateb and Anas Batahaf were the first people to support it and motivate me.

Disturb the Balance is one of the very few rock bands here in Jeddah. Tell us about it.
Disturb the Balance (DTB) is like my eldest son – my favorite baby. We are six members in the band (Jude Aldajani, Bandr Awad, Saif Mufti, Marwan Ghaziri, Maan Balila and myself). We have big plans coming up this year. We studied our market and the music industry in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East as a whole, and the upcoming plan is a smartly executed album that will hopefully be a hit.

Where do you hope to take DTB and TremTrem?
TremTrem is going exactly where we want it to go and soon we will reveal more details about it. As for DTB, we plan on reaching a wider demographic, a bigger cell of people who believe in our sound.

What else do you do other than entertainment?
I am a schoolteacher and I adore my job. My students are my number one fans. They memorize my videos, my songs and TremTrem parody song Shofo el Instagram is their ultimate favorite.

What do you feel is missing for the music scene in Jeddah?
A platform to share music with your audience and fans. This is the only obstacle here.

What are your personal goals and dreams aside from the entertainment aspect?
Making a difference and doing things to be proud of.

What can we expect from you anytime soon?
More highlights on TremTrem and the official album from Disturb the Balance. We will be going all out for what we do because the challenges get more and more exciting as the bar gets raised.

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Youtube/SoundCloud: @moezeindtb
Disturb the Balance:
Instagram/Twitter: @disturbzbalance
Facebook/Youtube/SoundCloud: Disturb the Balance
TremTrem Parody:
Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Youtube/SoundCloud: @TremTremParody


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