Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Whether you’re at work, exercising, playing sports, traveling or just lounging at home, it’s highly essential for one to stay hydrated during the hot summer months. Many people forget to hydrate themselves during the day, due to which they experience headaches, nausea, and tiredness. While summer is here, make a conscious effort to increase your fluid intake to counteract the warmer temperatures.

  • Water is not the only answer
    Try incorporating at least 3 fruits in your daily diet and 2 kinds of vegetables per day for optimum health, as they all contain various levels of water. By eating water-rich foods like vegetables, fruits, and yogurt, you’ll automatically increase your fluid intake.
    Avoid processed snack foods like chips as they have minimal water content. It is recommended to eat seasonal fruits; at least 2 servings a day. Try great tasting fruits like watermelons and mangoes.
    Tip: Breakfast recipe: yoghurt smoothie with berries OR mango shakegiphy (3)
  • Hot content
    How about a warm bowl of soup especially when the flu season is in the air?
    This vegetable soup is loaded with goodness, from zucchini and green beans to celery and potato, but it’s turmeric that’s best for colds and flu. Other veggies to include are broccoli.
    giphy (1)
  • Salads? Oh so boring
    Can we all agree that sometimes salads can be absolutely the worst?
    Not if you add your favorite flavors in them. People often believe that a hunger pang means they need real food and that does not include salad. It’s actually worth eating hearty salads, with just enough goodness for you to last lunchtime. Ask the pros and they will tell you that it is true essentially for the weight conscious lot out there, because of the high water content.
    A salad consisting of lettuce, spinach, sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes and beans mixed with fruits, olive oil and nuts enable the body to absorb essential nutrients. Plus the low calories and nutritious ingredients will help you maintain your weight.
    giphy (5)
  • Ice-lollies means its summer time!
    People love summer popsicles for good reason. They’re cool, they’re sweet, and they quench thirst. This means they’re an awesome way to ensure hydration in summer.
    giphy (4)
  • De-stress with a mug of herbal tea
    If you make this a habit, you’ll add an extra cup of fluid to your daily intake. On top of that, this relaxing ritual is a wonderful way to de-stress at the end of the day.
    giphy (2)
  • Drink away
    Always carry a water bottle, and always keep one next to you. Moreover, try consuming fluids in the daytime for maximum affect rather than at night.
    Tip: Add a slice of lemon, lime, or mint to your water to give it some flavor without adding any extra calories.  giphy
  • Mix it up
    Smoothies are another delicious way of fluid intake. If you’re finding it difficult to get your entire necessary water intake from water alone, then try to mix it up. Just make sure you try to avoid natural diuretics such as caffeine, sodas or sugar.giphy (6)

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