Meet this month’s emerging artist! Wa’ad Al Mujalli

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Name: Wa’ad Al Mujalli
Age: 25
Occupation: Interior Designer
Medium: CGI
Instagram: wvxii

Why do you art?
I think it’s a natural urge every human being has, to create things and make parts of their experiences come to life. Sometimes we fail to express ourselves through words or introduce a certain idea. So we seek to find certain tools and methods, other than words, to express our thoughts, or simply bring them to life.

Is your work the result of sudden inspiration, or long term planning?
I tend to go through an intensive phase of experimenting and studying a certain subject. For example, the works that were recently shown, Epidermis, were a result of a 3-month study of the human behavior. While doing so, I experimented with different approaches, tools, and had to put myself in different scenarios. I recorded a diary, personal thoughts and notable behaviors from the second I open my eyes till I fall asleep again. Sometimes I’d record voice notes, sometimes I note them down, whatever was convenient. Notes varied from dreams, to conversations, to how I act and feel regarding past and present incidents. 

What do you think of the art scene in Riyadh?
The art scene in Riyadh has been this complicated mixture of a pleasant yet heart aching kind of situation. We get to see a lot of talent, beauty and amazing handwork but rarely an art piece that has a soul, an art piece that can reach you the second you look at it. I think this is mostly what the art scene in Riyadh lacks, a soul.

What does being creative mean to you?
To be a child again.

Favorite piece of artwork by someone else.
Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, Peter Zumthor. It’s not the usual “artwork” kind of creation, but Zumthor tends to reach deep down into the human mind and feelings through his designs.

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