MDLBEAST Reveals Unprecedented Safety & Security Measures at SOUNDSTROM 21

Over 8,000 security professionals on ground and state-of-the-art technology solutions are set to ensure the best possible experience at SOUNDSTORM 21.

MDLBEAST, the organizers of SOUNDSTORM, the biggest and loudest music festival in the Middle East, has reaffirmed its commitment to delivering the best-possible experience for festival-goers with unprecedented security measures at SOUNDSTORM 21.

The implementation of the strict measures to help eradicate unwanted behaviors and create a safe and fun space for all comes as the countdown to the festival continues; SOUNDSTORM will take place at Banban, Riyadh between December 16-19.

“We want everyone, male or female, to have the best possible experience at SOUNDSTORM this year. We are implementing safety measures that are well above the set global standards to ensure every incident is dealt with as necessary. We are working for everyone to feel like they are in a safe space where they can just enjoy themselves, ” said Nada Al Helabi, strategy director at MDLBEAST.

“To implement those safety measures and make everyone at ease we have supported the police force, MDLBEAST security personnel and ushers, with a team of over 1500 volunteers, equally split between males and females, acting as our safety ambassadors.” she added.

Over 8,000 security professionals and response teams will be on ground at SOUNDSTORM 21, providing a ratio of approximately one guard for every 30 festival-goers. Every spot at SOUNDSTORM 21 will be consistently monitored through 335 CCTV cameras and security professionals active across the entire venue. A team of security professionals will be monitoring and reporting every incident from a centralized location, where issues are evaluated, responses are monitored and decided in collaboration with the local authorities.

As part of the measures, attendees can expect swift responses to reports of misconduct and safety issues, and appropriate consequences for wrongdoers. Anyone found to be violating the MDLBEAST Code of Conduct  will face immediate removal from the event site without refund and will be presented to the authorities for legal recourse. Attendees and participants are encouraged to become “active bystanders”, intervening during any incidents of  wrongdoing they might witness through non-violent language and actions. All participants should remember that if they see something, they should report it using the official MDLBEAST app.

“We want everyone who comes to our events to have the best possible experience. Safety, security, and the opportunity for great fun is something we at MDLBEAST are striving to provide for all our attendees, female and male, as we will not accept any form of misconduct. We’ve had dedicated teams, bringing best-practice from around the world, working tirelessly to create a safe and fun place for all,” said MDLBEAST CEO, Ramadan Alharatani.

“We ask all attendees to read our Code of Conduct and familiarize themselves with reporting mechanisms as well as ways to support others in need. This is our community and we want to keep it safe.”

SOUNDSTORM participants, including ticket holders, staff, vendors, artists sponsors, and crew, are expected to abide by our code of conduct. A thorough training program was also conducted to all on ground staff representing MDLBEAST on how to identify misconduct, how to report it and how to follow all the subsequent protocols, as the repercussions of misbehavior results in immediate expulsion from the site festival.

Everyone attending SOUNDSTORM 21 is advised to locate at arrival all the surrounding security and safety points to be used in case of any emergency. The festival goers are also advised to agree with their companions on specific meeting points at the festival in case they lose each other, given that crowds can interrupt the signal of mobile services.

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