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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

May’s Dining Scoop

May’s Dining Scoop
By Saud Aldrees

Big Smoke Burger
Is there truth to the hype? Or is it just another burger joint?

I went and tried Big Smoke Burger even though I went there with extremely low expectations based on my family and friends who tried it before and compared it to frozen beef patties.

They offer 6-ounce burgers and a double up, as well as 3-ounce burgers. All their burgers come in either chicken or beef and also have a veggie option. They have 13 burgers, which makes choosing the correct one for your own taste a bit of an adventure. We settled on the Crazy Beef Burger, the Spicy Beef Burger and the Canadian Poutine as a side.

2The Canadian Poutine, which is fries with gravy and cheese curds, was good at the top. But it gets really boring and extremely soggy midway through the plate.

Destination Trail by Jury:

Service: 4/5
They were on time (I had a timer on to check).

Presentation: 2.5/5
The burgers looked as if they were ashamed of them. They were covered in big lettuce and sauce.

Price: 3/5
3-ounce: SR 19 – 29
6-ounce:  SR 29 – 45
Sides: SR 10 – 32
Drinks: SR 7 – 15
Milkshakes: SR 19

Taste: 3/5
The Spicy Burger had hints of spiciness but that’s about the end of it. We liked the caramelized onions, but didn’t really dig the “spicy” chipotle mayonnaise with the onions. In my humble opinion, they should’ve gone with either the caramelized onions or the mayonnaise, not both.
The Crazy Burger turned out to be spicier than the Spicy Burger with a lot of sauce dripping on the plate.
Both Burgers had a problem with the buns; they were too small. The beef patty was good and light for both burgers.

Overall: 3.1/5
Comparing them to others within the same range, Big Smoke Burger is an average burger joint.

3McDonald’s launches ‘Your Right to Know’

McDonald’s has a new interactive platform that enables customers to ask McDonald’s anything they would like to know, from their brand to their food.

4Tucked Away Alreef Al Iraqi

By Faris Al Yahya

I ate so many dry kababs in my lifetime in Riyadh that this hidden place with their special handmade kabab rejuvenated my love for the dish. The way they prepare it is so simple: All they add is salt, onions and red bell peppers mixed in with meat fat. That’s it. They rely on the quality of the lamb meat and the way they cook it.

5Served in a plate with grilled onions, tomatoes and parsley with raw onions and pickled goods, it’s accompanied with fresh saj bread.

6I personally like to eat this kabab in particular on its own with my hand. It tastes much better. They also have good megalgal. The place has barely lit shabby floor seating and an interesting sign that says “May Allah not let any bachelor leave this place without marriage in his near future.” Um… Thanks but I just came here to eat.

9Instagram Pick of the Month

We decided to try Clair Desserts this month. We tried the 2-kilo and a half tray of mixed desserts (around 48 pieces). The ordering system was confusing but delivery was prompt. The tray  looked presentable, and the decoration was professional.

We liked the Oreo cheesecake, the basboosa, the chocolate cheesecake and the halqoum. The date cake, strawberry cheesecake and cinnamon balls in cream cheese were very mundane.

8Bottom line?
It’s too pricey for the quality presented. And we hated that they made you pay for the rental of the tray. Also, you’re responsible for delivering the tray back.

Price: SR 390 (SR 300 desserts + SR 20 rental fee + SR 70 insurance) Delivery: SR 50
Rating Overall: 2.5
Instagram: @clair10000


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