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Mark-it Day 2023

The Jeddah Knowledge International School’s Mark-it Day is taking place on the 16th of March and this year, it has a special theme to it; Awaiting the Hilal.

 Mark-it Day is a non-profit organization established by the JKS students where they welcome a variety of businesses to rent a booth within their space and sell their products to the event’s attendees. 

The money raised by JKS is donated to a number of charities around the country as a way to give back to the community. For the first time ever, Mark-it day will revolve around and take place before the holy month of Ramadan. Since the Hilal is associated with the beginning of Ramadan, the JKS team felt like it was appropriate to incorporate this familiar symbol into this year’s theme. 

Tickets entrance Fee: 

  • For kids above the age of 7 and adults:
    At the gate: SAR 120
  • For kids younger than 7:
    At the gate: SAR 100
  • Nannies:
    Fixed price: SAR 50

Free entrance for children under the age of 3.  

Booth Options: 

  • Small Booth: 1×1.5 meters for SAR 750 
  • Large booth (Ideal for clothes): 2×2 meters for SAR 1250 

To rent your booth contact Sara Abuzeenadah on 0550431305

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