Luxury Dining At Aromi – Restaurant Review

By Ahmed Gassas

I was invited to try the set menu at Aromi, so without even thinking twice I accepted the invite! Especially since I have heard rave reviews about the place. As I walked into Qasr Al Sharq, I was stunned by all the grandeur that surrounded me. The view was breathtaking, with large vistas of the glistening blue Red Sea.

My lengthened dinner started with the Buffalo mozzarella on top of a tomato terrine. That was served with aged balsamic vinegar and basil. The buffalo mozzarella, which was imported from Italy, was straight out delicious. The blend was perfect with the spicy tomato terrine balancing out the savory flavors of the mozzarella.aromi2

Next on the menu was the Porcini mushroom risotto. I’m actually not a big fan of risotto and it seemed a bit undercooked to me. And the only thing that really made up for it was the mushrooms, the best I’ve ever had if I may add. They caused bursts of flavor in my mouth with every bite. YUM!

What came next was my personal favorite, the poached Barramundi fillet served with Roma tomato confit, crushed potatoes and garlic oil foam. Although I’m not a big enthusiast of seafood, this dish perhaps managed to change my whole perception of it. Supple and delectable, the fish was cooked to excellence. And surprisingly the fish wasn’t imported, it was from a fish farm 70km north of Jeddah.aromi1

The side items served with the dish were crushed potatoes, which I found to be strikingly similar to mashed potatoes.

Then I moved on to desserts, I started with the Sorbet. It seemed to have a high quantity of yogurt in it. It was slightly on the liquid side, but it was delicious. It came with the right balance of sweetness a dessert could carry, without making you feel guilty.

After a dinner in which I was full to the brim with fine dining delicacies, I must say that this was a dinner I’ll remember for a long time to come. The ambiance was on a whole different level, truly regal with the highest quality of ingredients used in the food and designer silverware and plates, not to mention the breathtaking sea view. It can’t get any better than this here in Jeddah.

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