Lunch 101 at Work

Eating lunch at work requires skill and manners.

If you eat lunch at work, make sure you follow the right etiquette.

  • Snacking at work.

If you have the urge to snack on something, then snack on something. Just make sure it’s not annoyingly crunchy.

  • The thing about smelly food.

We don’t mean ‘smelly’ in a bad way; some foods have a strong aroma. Whatever it is that you eat, make sure its smell doesn’t stay lurking in the office all day.

  • Don’t be a selfish co-worker.

For example, if you get a box of cookies share it with your peers. Sharing enhances the ‘unity’ in an office setting.

  • Be aware of allergies.

Be mindful of what you are offering and to whom. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and it avoids disasters.

  • Clean up.

As soon as you finish your lunch, make sure you clean up after yourself, out of respect for your fellow peers. Even if there is an office cleaner, you should clean up like you would at your own house.

  • Staff lunches

In the occasion that the boss invites the entire staff to a restaurant or there’s a work lunch outing, be mindful of your behavior. These are the people you work with so you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself. Maintain the professional behavior.

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