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L’occitane Relaunches The Beloved Almond Milk Concentrate

L’occitane Relaunches The Beloved Almond Milk Concentrate

Your favorite body cream revamped with new formula & packaging.

L’OCCITANE is a committed brand and proudly enacting change by holding true to brand values – reducing waste and respecting biodiversity. As cultivators of change, L’OCCITANE has always promised ingredients from natural origins and the incredible sensuality experience of Provence. With this, L’OCCITANE is excited to introduce the relaunch of the Almond Milk Concentrate. Your all-time favorite body cream is revamped and ready to conquer you again with firmer, softer, smoother, and moisturized skin.

Cultivating Almond is the sixth senseloccitane_almond-collection_3-copy

We’ve replanted 17,000 Almond trees and counting!

“You plant pieces of wood with three bits of roots on the ground in the middle of the stones and you think what’s going to happen? And then, after three years, we see the first flowers and about ten small almonds. And at this moment we are proud and proud. And then we tell ourselves that this is it, the adventure begins. But it is not an adventure of a year or two. It is an adventure for 40, 45, 50 years. Somewhere, it’s a secret. You say to yourself: I have to live to see them grow old – we’ll go with them.”

JEAN-PIERRE, Almond Producerloccitane_almond-collection_1-copy

Almond Milk Concentrate

Formulated with powerful almond and walnut seed extract, melts deliciously into the skin, to help it look firmer and smoother. The Almond Milk Concentrate will still have the same jelly-creamy texture, the mouthwatering almond scent, and the moisturizing power from the sweet almond oil and almond milk.

loccitane_almond-milk-concentrate_269-aed-copyWhat’s New?

  1. Improved formula
    Will now include 95% natural origin ingredients, to meet our clean charter*
    Formulated without silicones, sulfates, phenoxyethanol, PHMB
  1. Same iconic jar design but will now feature:
    NEW packaging (lighter jar, made with 31% recycled glass)
    NEW aluminum seal to replace plastic lid
    NEW packaging design which highlights the almond ingredient, its traceability, and efficacy

loccitane_almond-collection_2-copy* Through our dynamic programs of continuous improvement, we have set a new global challenge for ourselves with our “Clean Charter” criteria in addition to our Formulation Charter commitments: these additional criteria highlight our increasing commitment to even more natural formulas (leave-on products) and ingredients that minimize our environmental impact (rinse-off products), without any compromise on the sensoriality, efficacy, and safety of our products.

269 AED – 299 SR – 259 QAR – 21 KWD – 27.75 BD – 52 JD – 822,000 LBP

Novelties available in-store and on our website from May 20th, 2021.


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