Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Local Vacationing Gems

Local Vacationing Gems

Special places to entertain us this summer.

  1. Goot Resorts

Located in Al Munsiyah District 10 minutes from Granada Mall, this resort has got it all. Whether you’re with a bunch of friends celebrating a birthday or with your family having a nice BBQ, this place has got you covered. With beautiful modern decor and refreshing outdoor pools to accompany each unit, you’ll feel like you’re in a customized paradise made just for you. A one-night stay at Goot Resorts costs SR 2,650.

Location: Al Munsiyah Dist.

Instagram: gootresorts
Twitter: GootResorts
Facebook: Goot Resorts

  1. Dirab Golf Course & Country Club

Here’s a real treat for you. Golf? Oh yes. About an away away south west of central Riyadh in Tawfiq Valley lies green grass and truly mesmerizing views that inspire you to win and encourage your sense of sporting and competition. Being part of this club is a privilege and it’s all part of a membership package you can tailor individually or for your whole family. There are different kinds of memberships as well as special prices for non-members. All information can be found on their website.

Location: Tawfiq Valley
Facebook: Dirab Golf & Country Club

  1. Al Faisaliah Resort

Another great getaway 45 minutes from downtown Riyadh, and one that will give you the most relaxing experience. You and your family can enjoy an ultimate summer getaway with villas and pools in private chalets, this luxury resort is worth your time. A one night’s stay with access to all facilities costs SR 2,000.

Tel: +966-11-4118800
Location: Banban Dist., North of Riyadh

Facebook: Al Faisaliah Resort & Spa
Instagram: alfresort
Twitter: alfresort

  1. AlBujairi Square

Here’s a local treat about 17 minutes from downtown Riyadh with historical value and great scenery. Spending an afternoon in Diriyah’s Bujairy can give you and your family some time to play around and chit chat under grand palm trees. Be sure to stay hydrated and keep yourself cool. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Location: Ad Diriyah

  1. Hanifa Valley

hanifaTwenty minutes south of Riyadh, this place is great for an outdoor adventure. Bring your picnic bags and BBQ set, and be ready to get your hands dirty! You can do a lot of things at Hanifa Valley, including rock climbing by the beautiful hills or playing soccer with your children. It’s all about the outdoors with this one.

Location: Off of Dirab Rd., South of Riyadh


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