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Let’s Talk about Technology – With Dr. Abdulla Elyas

Suhaib, Imran, Uzair, Faizan, Tharaque, Mohammed, Yossry

We sat down with Dr. Abdulla Elyas, co-founder of Careem, to talk about his main passion – technology and the future of KSA.


Dr. Abdulla is clearly taken by technology; he insists that no matter where you are in the world and no matter your status, technology has the power to enhance your day to day life. In his opinion, technology exists for the masses to enjoy and not just as coding projects for tech enthusiasts.

His passion for technology is evident even in his educational and professional background, with an MSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Business Administration and an impressive resume with experience in the management and consulting of software projects for multinational companies such as Mercedez Benz, the World Exhibition Expo 2000, Pepsi Co, Vodafone and more. His entrepreneurial journey, however, began with enwani, a cloud-based address coding system that overcame the issue of being able to locate specific places in KSA.

Due to enwani’s success, it was soon acquired by Careem and KSA’s transportation system was completely revolutionized.

 Not only is Careem helping change the way people get around their cities but also how people interact with technology on a daily basis. 

Working as a platform that allows customers to access a pool of private cars and even local taxis, with a simple touch of a button on your smartphone, Careem connects you with a car and driver closest to you.

To top it off, Careem offers you the choice to book a car for either right away or for a specific time in the future for those times you simply cannot be late. Still, Careem ensures you are not entirely overwhelmed by technology by keeping the human touch intact with a 24 hour global call center with a team that speaks English, Arabic and Urdu, to name a few.

Careem is dedicated to bettering lives and taking the hassle out of commuting while also helping the lay person to embrace technology and enjoy the most of what it can offer. Careem’s vision is one that Dr. Elyas strongly believes in and with his direction, there’s no telling the extent of the impact Careem can have across the Kingdom.

Meet the Team!

Behind the Scenes

  • Mohammed Omer, Fleet Coordinator
  • Faizan Awan, Fleet Coordinator
  • Imran Baqi, Fleet Manager
  • Suhaib Nadeem, Fleet Supervisor
  • Tharaque, IT Coordinator
  • Yossry ELTaher, Business Development Manager
  • Uzair Moosa, EP & Bahrain GM

Behind the Wheels

  • Abdul Kanara Sharif, Captain
  • Shafiq Ahmed, Captain

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