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Let the Balad Beast Roar: MDLBeast Lands in Jeddah

Taking place in Jeddah’s Old town, Al Balad, we are thrilled to say that we have updates about the awaited event.

Friday December 9th and Saturday December 10th will be hosted by more than 70 international and local performances spread throughout five stages.

More and more information is being released. Balad Beast will be the home to two underground stages, one for the hip-hop and R&B lovers, one for all the indie kids, and more! The five stages of Balad Beast have been announced:

    • Mirkaz Square is dedicated to live performances and more.
    • Roshan Square will be committed to underground DJ gigs.
    • Bab Square will be hosting electronic acts


  • Souq Square is where all the underground DJs will reside. 
  • Omda Square will host hip-hop and R&B performances.


You can reserve your ticket using the early bird option. General Admission tickets are 419 SAR with access to all five stages and more while the VIB tickets are 2,099 SAR with access to complimentary gourmet food, Historical Building lounge, and more.

We are still in the waits for the lineup, which is said to be unexpected with more than 70 international and local artists! Balad Beast, we are super excited to welcome you to Jeddah.

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