Learning is Fun

By Sobia Javed

How can you incorporate points of learning into everyday tasks?


First let’s take a look at inspiring our children to want to learn.

Children are naturally inquisitive about the world around them, and it is up to us to ignite that spark and nurture it so that they develop a passion for learning (which is rather different than studying simply to pass an exam or to please parents). Once a child develops this love, he or she embarks on a lifelong and fulfilling journey.

1- Listen to your child
Children sometimes may feel overlooked in this fast paced world where an adult makes all the choices. Take the time to sit at your child’s level and listen, without interruption, to his or her thoughts, feelings, fears and interests.

2- Encourage them and answer their questions
Children come up with some of the most interesting and weird questions (i.e. can giraffes smell their own hooves?) In order to keep their passion alive, take time to answer their questions as best as you can. Who knows, you may come away feeling like you’ve learnt more than your child.

3- Foster independence in your child
and give them some autonomy over choices that affect them. Encourage them to do a project on a topic that interests them. Giving your child a feeling of control over their world inspires them towards bigger and better adventures.


Fun suggestions to try out with your kiddos:

1- Alphabet treasure hunt
Place different objects in a room beginning with each letter of the alphabet (apple, banana, car, drum, etc.) and ask your child to run and grab the object corresponding with the letter.

2- Reverse roles
You pretend to be a student and let your child play at being the teacher. Ask them to teach you what they learned at school today. Give them lots of resources – paper, pens, markers and let their creative juices flow!

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