Leading with a difference The Eradat Batal Club

Unique and Determined, the Eradat Batal is a one-of-a-kind activities club in Jeddah with a team of well-equipped professionals; they organize recreational sports events providing free and interactive entertainment for people with disabilities in the city.

In 2019, The association united with One world, an initiative aiming to integrate people with disabilities into their community through activities and workshops to create a club Aalam Alabtaal; together, they organize engaging activities through their football, basketball, cycling, horse riding clubs, along with other active sports working with various institutions like the Saudi Sports for All Federation.46f2f7f9-0d75-4787-9421-d965d0e7c9a4-copy

Their upcoming events include collaborating with Hejaz Ploggers for an event focused on bringing awareness towards a better environment. They also have regular interactive programs and engaging activities via Zoom, making it convenient for many to attend and participate remotely.139569974_258879118927881_3972451439878378838_n-copy

To read more about their programs and upcoming events, head to their website eradatbatal.com and social media @eradatbatal @oneland2020 and @aalam_alabtaal

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