Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Labor of Love

Labor of Love
Need a little push to turn your dreams into reality? Read on.


Lamya O. Altuwaijri

When did you get into baking and when did you decide to turn it into a career?
Baking for me is a life-long passion; I’ve been doing it since I was 11. I was lucky to grow up in a home with a mother who is a fabulous cook and sisters who carry the same gene. My sisters wanted us to start a baking business since they believed that we would be unique because we are so passionate about it – and they were absolutely right.

When was Lamlicious established and what was the process of establishing it?
We started from home since it doesn’t require a lot of preparation or a huge overhead cost and we accepted our first order on Jan. 14, 2009. We faced a lot of challenges early on in terms of establishing ourselves as a legal entity and growing our staff as demand grew. Some days we’d work 16-hour days, barely keeping up with customer demands. However, with hard work comes great rewards, and nothing was more rewarding than reading and hearing our customers’ satisfied remarks and listening to our friends’ encouraging words.

What sets Lamlicious apart from other bakeries?
Every cake is baked as if it were made for our family. We never cut corners that would jeopardize taste simply to save on costs. We bake each cake with love and care to make each and every customer happy.

What is the most Lamlicious item on your menu?
It all depends on the customer really. We have a large selection of cakes and cupcakes but out top-selling items are the Red Velvet and the Mont Blanc, which is a chocolate chip cake.

Do you identify more as a baker or a business woman?
I am a passionate baker who managed to turn her passion into a business.

Location: Rashid Mall
Tel: +966-13-868962

Instagram: lamlicious



Muhammad Abdulaziz Alhumam

Some people are absolutely radiating with passion for what they do, and the guys at Atqeen are a perfect example. Their love for science and teaching is deep-rooted and hard to miss.

Their vision is simple – to unleash children’s creativity and positive energy in a productive way and learn to love learning along the way. Armed with their experiences and observations as teachers in government schools and curators at Scitech, three visionaries, including Muhammad Alhumam, set on a mission and founded Atqeen.

They started by designing short courses and testing them out – each course was well-received and people wanted more each time. The team started translating apps and using technology in their teaching methods and also translated books to use as references in their classes.

Atqeen is convinced that hands-on is the way to go. Instead of memorizing textbooks and copy-pasting experiments from YouTube videos, each concept is explained with a fun experiment or experience, teaching children to observe, understand and question.

However, Atqeen is not only focused on training a new generation of scientists, mathematicians and philosophers but also on raising a generation of well-rounded people. They work on character building with personality tests and tailored programs. Individual attention is a crucial part of their program.

“Our classes are usually between 4 and 8 p.m. What’s funny is that on the first day, the kids would arrive at 5 or even later, but then the next day? 3:30.” – Muhammad Alhumam

Muhammad Alhumam’s personal favorite scientists: Ibn Hayan and Ibn Sina.

Mob: +966-546777698

Twitter: atqeen
Facebook: atqeen
Instagram: atqeen




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