Tucked Away Korean Palace

This is an ode to a classic! Korean Palace remains to be the only place in Riyadh where you will find the owner greeting every customer who comes in as he has for the past couple of decades. This, together with the fading Korean posters add to its authenticity.

5You’ll get the staple Korean dishes, Bibimbap, bulgogi and the occasionally available galbi, but for us, we love Korean Palace for their generally Asian offerings. The Beef with Mushroom is a dish that can feed a family. Garlic chili shrimps are always awesome, buttered lemon chicken is a safe bet and for noodles (‘cause who doesn’t eat noodles in an Asian place?), the mixed canton comes highly recommended.
Minus the overly extensive menu that may confuse newcomers into ordering things we would stay away from—It’s Kimchiriffic restaurant if you know what to get (forgive us, we just had to do it). Listen to the waiters, they actually know what to recommend.

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