King Khalid Award 2018 Winners Announced

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His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz- The Prince of Asir region and Chairman of King Khalid Award committee, announced the names of the award 2018 winners in its three branches: “ Development Partners”, “Nonprofit Excellence” and “Responsible Competitiveness” in a special press conference held at King Khalid Foundation headquarters in Riyadh.

In his speech on this occasion, Prince Faisal bin Khalid said that King Khalid Foundation embraced prosperity by activating the role of the development partners, as well as empower them through social investment and building capabilities to ensure the emergence of a Saudi community with equal opportunities, and where its organizations and individuals seek an effective contribution in building it. Based on this principle, King Khalid Award emerged, with its three branches,  as one of the interactions in line with Vision 2030 through social initiatives and national nonprofit private enterprises and enable them to adopt the best practices of sustainable development work making it  able to continue realizing of  achievements and continue to support the development of our beloved country.

  • “Alhasalah” initiative gets first place for “Partners of Development” branch

Prince Faisal bin Khalid during the press conference announced the winning of “Alhasalah” initiative by its founder Saad Al Hamoudi, the first place of King Khalid Development Partners Award, the winning was determined by a mass e-mail voting mechanism through  the King Khalid Foundation website, where the initiative  got 42% of total votes received for the final three initiatives award finalists. The initiative launched in 2009  aiming to raise awareness towards money management in terms of consuming, savings and investing.

  • “Adam’s Campaign” and “My Book Club” initiatives came 2nd and 3rd

“Adam Campaign” initiative by Shahid Al Miqbil came second and got  29% of the total votes received. The initiative launched in 2014, as an educational awareness campaign targeting the community in general and the young people, in particular, and aiming to reduce the frequency of racism and reduce the extreme practices in order  to create an inclusive and peaceful society.

While “My book club” initiative by its founder Owaied Alsubaie came third and got 27% votes of the total votes received. The initiative is a voluntary initiative that was launched in 2013 and aims to build a knowledgeable and educated society through spreading culture of reading for all members of society of all ages. The total value of the Development Partners Award for three initiatives amounted a half million Saudi riyal, where the first place winner will get SR. 250,000, and the second place winner will get SR. 150,000, and the winner of the third place will get SR. 100,000.

  • Nonprofit Excellence Award” goes to “Alkawthar Health Charity”  in Asir,  and the family development association” in Almadinah Almonawarah “Osrati” and “The First Charitable Women’s Association in Jeddah”.

HRH Prince Faisal also announced the names of the winning associations in “Nonprofit  Excellence Award”, which is  awarded to nonprofit organizations registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, this branch of the Award focuses on improving managerial performance of nonprofits in the Kingdom to be reflected positively on the quality of services provided to their beneficiaries. The first place was achieved by “Al-Kawther Health Charity”  for its excellence in modern management practices and clarity of the Organization’s strategy and integrated management systems for the Board of Directors and corporate governance regulations, in addition, the amount of SR. 500,000. While the family development association (Osrati” in Almadinah Almonawarah came second in view of its excellence in administrative work and the best employment of technology, as well as adopting a clear vision in measuring performance included a plan for comprehensive indicators measuring various aspects of performance, and got SR. 300,000. Meanwhile, “The First Women’s Charitable Association in Jeddah” came third in recognition of its excellence of its  strategic objectives that reflect its  mission and vision clearly, as well as for the diversity in the ages of the Board of Directors members, and of the administrative management of the human resources through  motivational programs for staff development, and received the amount of SR. 200,000.

  • “Responsible Competitiveness” award goes to Saudi Huawei Company,  “The National Petrochemical Industrial Company (NATPET) and United Doctors Hospital.

While the first-place award for the “Responsible Competitiveness” branch went to “Saudi Huawei Company”, and  “The National Petrochemical Industrial Company (NATPET) came second and “United Doctors Hospital “ came third.

This Award is granted to the entities excellent in the field of sustainability, where it aims to encourage private entities to adopt leading practices in the area of responsible competitiveness, to activate the role of the private sector in the development of the society.

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