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Kinan Malls’ Mega Festival Spanned Six Malls in Four Cities

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, six malls in four cities are collaborating to organize a 45-day summer camp. Kinan Malls organized the exciting summer gala that went on in Jeddah for nine days. The festival was essentially a glorified shopping experience for residents of Jeddah. The activities, shows, competitions, multi-fun corners and food stalls were attractions for shoppers and their kids to make the most of their evenings.

The malls involved in Jeddah were Roshan Mall and Al Jamea Plaza, whereas the malls in Yanbu, Madinah, and Riyadh were Dana Mall, Aliat Mall, Rimal Center and Azizia Mall.

The Kinan Mall events will be highly successful in keeping locals who didn’t travel abroad in the summer entertained. In fact, the summer festival has also been a great outlet for the organizers to employ the Saudi youth and help them get experience and keep busy in the summer months.

The events took place in Jeddah from 8th July – 23rd July.

Upcoming dates:
Yanbu: 27 – 31 July (Dana Mall)
Madinah: 4-13 August (Aliat Mall)
Riyadh: 18 Aug – 3rd Sept (Rimal Center and Azizia Mall)

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