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Khamis Bin Rimthan – The Saudi Who Helped Find Oil In The Kingdom

http://www.arabnews.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/galleryformatter_slide/2015/05/25/file-25-1432577114305059700.jpg Photo Credit: arabnews.com

By Mohammed Mirza

Skilled guide, intuitive geographer and long-time employee of Aramco Khamis Bin Rimthan is credited to have helped find oil in Saudi Arabia.

Born at the beginning of the 20th century in Jubail, Khamis hailed from the Ajman tribe. He was renowned for his ability to assess distances precisely and was soon employed by the government as a guide. He lead caravans of supplies from Jubail to Dharan and from Dharan to Abqaiq.

Photo Credit: outintheblue.com

Photo Credit: outintheblue.com

In 1938, Bin Rimthan guided an American exploration team into the Eastern Province He guided a group that eventually became the largest oil company in the world in finding oil from the Eastern Province. Then in 1942 he served as Chief Guide for Aramco’s Exploration parties.

Photo Credit: twitter.com

Photo Credit: twitter.com

He served as more than just a guide for the exploration team, he introduced them to Bedouin life and its rich traditions. He soon was considered the guide of all guides.

Khamis knew the geography of Saudi Arabia as the back as of his hand. It is said that on numerous occasions his knowledge of the country proved to be more accurate than the maps of his time.

Photo Credit: easy-mysite.com

Photo Credit: easy-mysite.com

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