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Keep it Fun: Staying Fit

Who said the gym had to be mundane?

When it comes to getting fit, many of us are scared off by the prospect of putting in long, dull, hours in the gym. Well, technology’s here, and it’s here to fix that.

Local solutions

Let’s be honest, finding new gadgets can get difficult in Jeddah, but we’ve rounded up a few noteworthy additions to your routine:

NXE’s ActiveSleeve

1Keep your phone handy, right on your arm, while you work out! This might not seem necessary, but sometimes you just want to listen to your own music while getting your cardio in – and a lack of a phone holder can make that pretty impossible.

Find it at iZone, or order it on their online store

Beats Wireless Earphones

2In keeping with our devotion to our own tunes while working out, we’re recommending Beats’ high-power wireless earphones. They’re specifically designed to stay put while you’re on the go, and allow for 12 hours of work on a full charge. Keep that motivation running!

Find it at iZone, or order it on their online store

Smart Rope

smart-ropeThe high-tech answer to the popular form of cardio. Smart rope displays your jump count in mid-air. The gadget will also sync to your phone, Apple Watch or Samsung Gear to allow for live workout data.

Find it with Gizmooz online

‘Withings’ Activity Tracker

withings-pulse-tracker-dp_izoneThis sounds a bit unnecessary, but allow us to elaborate. The teeny, tiny gadget syncs to an app (available on both iPhone and Android), and allows you to keep track of your activity for the day: we’re talking steps taken, calories burned, sleep cycles – everything.

Find it at iZone, or order it on their online store

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