Kayaking Through Oman


Sand, crystal water, and a refreshing breeze are what you need at the end of a productive week.

Muscat, Oman doesn’t only offer a fantastic hiking destination like we had recently figured out from social media, but also a breathtaking beach and kayaking destination that is worth the airplane ticket.dksa4_kayak_abdulazizaldossary_8-copy

We started by driving up to Bandar Khayran where we had prearranged with the local boat keepers to borrow their kayaks; once we arrived, we began preparing. It didn’t take long for us to start kayaking to our first destination. The rowing took a bit of getting used to in the first few minutes, but most of us got the hang of it pretty quick. It was easy to get distracted by the sun setting between the mountains as we kayaked through, a scene that no matter how many words I type, I cannot describe.dksa4_kayak_abdulazizaldossary_10-copy

We reached our first pit stop around evening and glowing planktons greeted us onshore. It was a scene I had never experienced in any of my previous travels; every whoosh and splash made the planktons glow for a few seconds, like lucent diamonds dancing on the shore.dksa4_kayak_abdulazizaldossary_11-copy

The following morning, while our boats were on berth, we decided to do a bit of snorkeling. Oman is home to extraordinary marine life, and the government dedicates a portion of its resources to its ecological preservation.

Later on, we kayaked back through the Gulf Sea but closer to shore, as the waves were stronger than they were the previous day. Safety is still the priority for exploratory adventures like this; we even kayaked early morning to avoid the turbulent currents in the afternoon.dksa4_kayak_abdulazizaldossary_12-copy

We camped at our final site and made delicious grilled pineapple and s’mores under the stars. It’s amazing how the view of the sky at night can change the moment you step away from the fuss and noise of the city. In the end, we packed our bags and placed them on the bag-carrying motorboat to avoid getting wet, lest our kayaks flip at the final leg and we are left having to haul wet clothes.

Overall, other than the amazing views, great company and being pulled out of my hectic work life, the tranquility and relaxation that cloaked us was indescribable, a once-in-a-lifetime experience I encourage anyone to take. See you soon, Oman.

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