July’s Dining Scoop

2Ritz-Carlton celebrates the holy month of Ramadan

Ritz-Carlton invite families to break their fast during Ramadan with an iftar buffet with different cuisines from around the world. Ramadan has inspired the glorious setting with lavish designs and decorations that present a traditional Arabian ambience. In addition to the main buffet, guests can enjoy traditional Arabian iftar and suhoor at the relaxing atmosphere of Al Orjouan restaurant.


3Delicious new season of Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit

Only available between May to September, the gold-fleshed variety of kiwifruit has been launched in this year’s season.

 Instagram: zespriarabia




 Instagram Pick of the month

Sometimes, what makes a business stand out is their treatment of their customers. We have to admit right off the bat: Eloo Chocolate is very good with their customer service. Their replies were prompt, delivery wasn’t a hassle, and everything went quite smoothly. In fact, the three stars are for the service alone. As for the brownies? Well. We enjoyed them, and they looked just like the images. 8But unfortunately, they tasted like Betty Crocker, which for SR 80  a dozen we could’ve just bought a box and made it ourselves. The cookies had a good distribution of chocolate but it wasn’t drool worthy. We might order again if the baker ever decides to improve her recipes, but otherwise, this jury won’t ask for a retrial.


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