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Judge Foodie: City Wok

Our Sunday lunch jurors review takeouts and restaurant deliveries—aka, how we feast in the office and get paid for it.

Takeaway Chinese is the new cupcake of Riyadh. It’s raining noodles in the city and we’re all tangled up in it.

This week we tried out City Wok, their coat of arms is a red box with a red dragon seal. Like your usual Chinese wok places, it’s DIY. Choose your sauce, noodles and add-ons.

So how good was it? Honestly, we’re conflicted. Our social and print editor vows never to order again, but as a compliment, say they’ve tasted worse. However, our food editor said she might actually crave the fried rice. I see myself eating it out of necessity at some far away point.

Here’s the low down on our orders:

  • Fried Rice, SR 26 (peas, corn, eggs, carrots, garlic and black pepper sauce) – Full of flavor and fluffiness, a bit overcooked but it’s better than most outlets.


  • Yuan Chili Chicken, SR 23 – Reasonably priced, tender, flavorful.


  • Japanese Noodles, SR 33 (Chilli Sauce, Shrimps, Broccoli) – Tasted like sweet and sour sauce for me, doughy noodles eekk, the shrimps are huge.


  • Japanese Noodles, SR 36 (Shiitake, beef and shrimp add-ons, black bean and soy sauce) – Had to shake and stir maneuver to make sure the noodles are all sauced up. Soy sauce is always a safe bet, so hardly a surprise that they got it right.


 The Verdict: Hmm.
Delivery efficiency: Less than an hour

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